Show and Tell Tuesday {School Pictures}

Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday!!

We are sharing some of ours, our spouses, or our kids WORSE school pictures!~~

I ran out of time to really dig up some HORRIBLE pictures, but I did find a few pictures that are just AWFUL and some that I can live with:)

Let's start with me!!

Y'all I was in Second grade in this picture....look how pitiful I look! HAHA

I believe this was 6th or 7th grade...I mean can my bangs get any bigger!! and please check out the braces~;-)

This was right after my high school graduation!! 
My Senior year I guess I was feeling rebellious and cut my hair off to my shoulders and put a straighten on it!! Most of my life I had long curly hair, so that hair cut was a drastic change! 

Now let's look at Ben!! 

He was just adorable in his Kindergarten picture!! 

Ben and I went to middle and high school together!! We never dated but we were always best friends!! 
Here are our senior pictures from the year book! 

Senior pictures are just awkward....I mean look how I am posing my head! It's just awful! 

But on a happier note...this is what Ben wrote in my senior year book!! 
Basically, if he could have any sister in the world he would have picked me! HA

Let's look at the kiddos pictures!! 
Here is Ian on his first day of Kindergarten 

Ella's first day of Kindergarten 

Of course their momma does not think they take a bad picture!! 
I think they are just precious!! ;-)

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a few of our school pictures!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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  1.'re gorgeous and I don't think any of your pictures are awkward...just the opposite!!
    Love that note Ben wrote you!! :)

  2. None of these are bad. I'm confused. I thought it was bad school pictures? Girl, I don't have a copy of it but I started Kindergarten with chicken pox. Yeah...I was covered in red spots, hurting, sleepy, fat, and in a bad way. The picture is atrocious!

  3. Your sweet!! Thank you sweet friend!! I didn't have time to dig up the real horrible ones!
    Bless your heart...starting Kindergarten with chicken poxes;(

  4. Okay I LOVE his yearbook note to you!! Do yall die laughing when you read it!!! It's the best. And your senior picture is gorgeous!! Don't you remember all the awkward head tilts that they made you do!!

    1. Yes, I die laughing. If only we knew then that we would be married with 2 kids! hA!
      Thank you. Yes the head tilts were awful. I look like I have a crooked neck!! lol

  5. Your senior picture is stunning! You should frame that picture and put it on Ben's night stand in a Best Sister Ever frame!! Ha!!

  6. Gotta love old pictures!! What a GREAT post!