Hello Monday

Hello Monday... Your back again and today is our FIRST day of school:(. This momma is just not ready. We love our lazy mornings and pool filled afternoons. Yes, I know we are spoiled rotten.

Today I'm linking up with Johannah for Hello Monday and sharing our weekend!

Friday morning started BRIGHT and EARLY for me and the kiddos! I am on the PTO board at both of their schools this year! So I had to work both PTO tables at Open House! We were at the elementary school at 7:30AM! Ella's Open House was from 8-10 and Ian's was 10-12! 

I sent one of my best friends this picture Friday afternoon and said "when filling out MIDDLE SCHOOL paperwork will cause you to drink at 2:15 in the afternoon" 
I can't take this growing up business! So around 7:30 this morning, you may find me rocking in the fetal position because I just dropped Ian off at middle school :(

Later that evening, I dropped Ella off for a spend the night party with Brooklyn! They had a blast! 
They went to Jump Street

and made LOTS of arts and crafts :)

Then I went for GNO! We went to eat mexican and to see 'Bad Moms'! The movie was hilarious but the language was TERRIBLE:( 

Saturday morning, we were up BRIGHT and EARLY again to head to the lake with our Youth Group from church! The kids had a BLAST!! Colleen picked Ella up from Brooklyn's and they hung out, swam, and shopped!! 

Sierra, Ethan, Caleb, and Camden

Matthew, Ian, Donald, and Bryson 

We had 4 boats- Here is Mr. Casey's boat! 

Sierra, Caleb, and Ethan

Crazy BOYS
Casen, Caleb, and Brett

A shot of the pavilion 

A Day on the Lake with the Youth! 

I can't believe my Ian Michael is in the YOUTH at church! Just a few years ago he was being rocked in the nursery :( 
(Ian is in the red shirt)

See this momma's heart is having a rough time:( 

After lunch we were back out on the water!! We had a boat FULL of boys!! 

Caleb, Emery, Brett, Grant, and Ian~ 

Tubing Fun!! 

Emery, Ian, and Brett! 

Ben tried to get the boys off! But they held on! 

Leighanne and I were the "spotters"!! 

We headed home around dinner time! Stopped and picked up El Real and I came home showered and worked on planning  our ADULT only lake trip!! 

Yesterday was promotion Sunday at church! 

We to worship service first!! Ella wanted to sit with Addison, so this was my view next to me!! 

Brett, Conyer, and Ian with their bibles open! 

Tears filled my eyes when I looked over and saw them with their bibles open! 
These boys have been friends since they were 3 and 4 years old! and yesterday they started Youth together and today they start Middle school...Conyer and Ian are going to the same school! 
Time really does need to slow down! 

After church, we went to lunch! The boys went to the golf course and the girls headed to the nail salon! Ella just had to have pretty nails to start school today!! 

Then it was the grocery store, laundry, and packing book bags! 

Our new book bag area all set for the FIRST day of school! 

I ended the night meal prepping for the week!! 

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Hope you guys had an AWESOME weekend and have an AMAZING Monday!! 

I'm off to wake up my MIDDLE SCHOOL and then I'm going to cry :(

xoxo, Heather 


  1. What a fun weekend!! Way to go on getting all of your meals prepped girl!! Sending happy thoughts for a great first day of school!!

  2. What a fun weekend!!! Thinking of you this morning after your school drop off. It's hard but you got this momma! And can you please come to my house and prep my lunches for work, because those salads look delicious!
    Have a good day Heather =)

  3. You will be in my thoughts today! Poor Mama! It sounds like you had a fun weekend! I am totally jealous that your meals are prepped and ready to go. This summer we have been flying by the seats of our pants with lunch prep. I am used to opening the fridge and having salads prepped :)

  4. If I had a way to slow down time I certainly would send it to you! And your lunch prep looks so good!

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend to end summer and kick off school!! You will have to prep all of us that will have middle schoolers in just a few short years!! Way to go on meal prepping!!

  6. Boo to starting school so early!! I love your backpack area. I have a bench in our entry way, but would love to create a space that was more functional for bags and jackets.

  7. What a fun weekend! I can't believe you all are already back to school...too soon! My kids are going into 7th and 9th grade and it is still so hard to adjust to them being "big" kids.