hello monday

Hello Monday!! 
This weekend flew by for us! 
Hope you guys enjoyed yourself!! 

Joining my sweet blogger friend, Johannah for Hello Monday! 

Friday we celebrated my sweet mommas birthday and I realized I did not take one picture. How sad is that???

But we had a great time visiting with family!! 

However Friday morning, Ben's brother, Chris and Kim got married! They had plans to get married on September 10th but after a few obstacles they threw in the wedding planner towel and went to the court house!! So I have a new sister in love!! 
We are so excited for them!! 

Saturday we woke up early and headed to the Golf Course! Ben and Chris have put together a golf tournament in memory of their grandfather for 10 years now! We had the best time! It was also Ian's first year playing in the tournament!! 
I was the cart girl and I took my duties very seriously. 

The back up cart girls. 

Chris and Kim's cart! 
Their team name was 'The Castaway's'

The Newlyweds 

Just hanging with my new sister in love at the JGO

All of the golf carts are marked with the tournament name! JGO- Jack Grady Open
and the players names
My 2 FAVORITE players!! :)

Ben Tanner AKA Turtle and Martin played with my guys! They were Team USA!! 

Travis, Paige, Brian, and Bernie! 

The players of The JGO-2016

The Castaway's
Richard, Mike, Kim, and Chris

My sweet Ian

Team USA! 

My Favorite players! 

Ben's favorite place in the world is on a Golf Course! 

More players! 
These guys work with Chris

One more team shot!! 

After the JGO, we went home and ate mexican and my gang CRASHED by 8:30! We were exhausted! 

Sunday, we went to church and lunch!

Then we did this.........

Ella got a Guinea Pig. She named her Daisy. So now we have Duke and Daisy!! lol. 

We ended up staying home from
night church to catch up on house hold chores and then Ian reminded me he had HOMEWORK. oh middle school... I do not like you!!! 

We ended our night watching the closing ceremonies. 

Hope you guys have a great week!! 

xoxo, Heather 


  1. What a great weekend!! Congratulations on our new sister in law =) I love that they went to the court house and got married! Sometimes that is just sooo much easier =)
    What a great golf tourney too!
    So my friends that live in Georgia, they have 2 dogs. Their dogs names are Duke and Daisy! haha =)
    Have a great Monday!!

    1. Thank you!!
      It was a great tournament!
      Oh That is to funny!!

  2. Yay for an impomptu wedding!! Love your SIL's dress!! SO fun Ella got a Guinea pig!!! You are such a nice mommy....I am mean and would never let my kids have a pet inside! Ha! Have a great week friend!!

    1. Thank you! Her dress was so pretty!
      WE know have a dog, guinea pig, and leopard gecko! The hermit crab just died:(

  3. That golf tournament looked like a blast! I love how golf totally unites your family.
    I also love that you didn't take any pics of your mom's bday celebration. It probably means you were having too much fun! :)
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you! It was a great tournament and a family affair for sure!!
      We did have a blast with lots of laughs!

  4. The golf tournament looks so fun! Congrats on the new sister in law too! Sometimes I wish we had just gone to the court house!

  5. Thank you! The tournament was awesome!!

  6. Looks like a great weekend!! Congrats on your new sis in love!!!

  7. Love that your family is all involved in the tournament. What a special legacy to leave behind! Congrats on your new sister...and Daisy!