Hello Monday

Hello Monday!! 
I hope this week is better than our start this morning!! HA

I am already running behind schedule today! I didn't get my post written last night and when I went to open the blinds this morning in our living room, they fell to the ground! HA
So I hope my coffee is STRONG this morning!! ;)

I'm linking up with Johannah for Hello Monday!! 

Ben and I had a GREAT time on the lake this weekend with some of our favorite friends, Rob and LeighAnne!! 
We look forward to our weekend getaway every year!! 

I made LeighAnne and I matching wine glasses!!

I did not take a lot of pictures this weekend because that would have required me to get out of the lake, get my phone, and take a picture!! And that was more effort than I was willing to give this weekend!! HAHA!

I love my LeLe
(that's what my kids call her)

Our Captain for the weekend!! 

AKA Rob! 

And if you needed Ben- He was either floating in the water or relaxing on the back of the boat!! 

He was not thrilled about the few pictures I did manage to take! 

Eating at Fish Tales! 
Their fish tacos are AMAZING!! 
(my point proven)

And look at sweet Rob and Leigh Anne!! I love this picture of them!! This was at Sunset Cove on Friday night!! 

Sunday morning, we ate breakfast, packed up, and headed home!! Back to reality we went~~

When Ben and I got home we unpacked, loaded up the kids and headed to Athens to get new game day gear for the 1st Georgia game of the season on Saturday!! 

Walking and playing around outside the bookstore!! 

Right across from the bookstore is the football field, so we walked over the bridge and let them see the field!! 

Dream big little ones!! Dream Big!! 

Go Dawgs!! 

After we left campus, we ate dinner at The Varsity! 
What'll ya have?!?!?

Well a Frosted Orange, of course!! 

Ella said "This is so good, it taste just like a push up"

We had a great weekend!! 
And here's to hoping our week is short! Because we are already looking forward to our holiday weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 


  1. Ohh your weekend Heather! It looks and sounds like it was just perfect! I can't believe how big the football stadium is!! You should see our little University stadium here. But football isn't a big thing up in the north. It's pretty much all about hockey! I hope your Monday gets better friend! Have a great day!!

    1. It was a perfect little getaway!!
      Oh football in the south is CRAZY!! The UGA football stadium holds almost 93,000 people!
      My guys requested chili for dinner Thursday night because they plan to sit and watch college football!! HA
      Thanks sweet friend!!

  2. I need that Frosted Orange in my life...like yesterday. Why have I never been there?! Love your weekend on the lake with friends; so relaxing and fun and the perfect little, kids-free getaway!! We picked up some new game day apparel this weekend too...only it's alot of orange! Can't wait for Thursday!!

  3. What a fun weekend! There's nothing better than a little family time after an adult only getaway! That Frosted Orange sounds delicious! Hope y'all have a great week!!

  4. What a fun time at the lake, and then more fun getting geared up for football season! Love your reference to the Varsity. We are thinking of heading over to Atlanta for a mini-vacation and saw that the Varsity has lots of history over in Ga. Hope your day gets better!

  5. The Varsity!!! Haha, yum - love a cheap, greasy meal!! Looks like a perfect weekend on the lake!!

  6. It has been way too long since a Frosted Orange graced my life! Looks like such a fun weekend!

  7. I'm so glad you had a blast over the weekend! And look at those babies! Soon they will be Bull Dogs! Love it all, girl! Here's to a good week :)