Friday Favorites {Household Tips}

Happy Friday!! The kids are out of school today for a teacher work day! School holidays are ALWAYS my FAVORITE!! 

This weeks Friday Favorites are a little different. I am joining Erin from Perfectly Port for 10 FAVORITE Household Tips! 

I LOVE a clean house. Nothing makes me happier than a clean house.....well maybe a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. But I would enjoy it even more if my house was clean! HA
So here are a few of my FAVORITE tips! Just some things that work for me! Nothing earth shattering. 


Every night before we go to bed. We go around the house and pick up everything! I can't stand to start the next morning with clutter.


I store as much as I can in clear jars. I use glass jars for flour, sugar, powdered sugar, Splenda, etc. 


I always have a candle lit. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs. I feel like my house smells like a wet locker room! HA 
Plus I think a lit candle is very homey.


I do a load of laundry every day just so I don't get behind


I clean out my fridge every Tuesday night because the trash man comes on Wednesdays


I make my bed EVERY morning. I just can't leave the house with an unmade bed. 


I do a "good" clean of the house every other week and a "spit shine" every week


I deep clean every Spring and Fall.... My spring cleaning list is coming next week


I make a "TO-DO" list for every day. What I need to get accomplished for that day.


The older I get the more of a morning person I become. I do as much as I can before my kids even wake up in the morning. Empty the dishwasher. Start or Fold a load of laundry. Whatever I can get done when its just ME awake.

I can't WAIT to read what works for you guys!! I need and want all the household tips that I can find!! 

Cheers to the weekend, Friends!! 

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