Throwback Thursday~

Happy Thursday Friends! I know I am late to my posting game today, but it has been that week! I know you peeps understand!!

So I have had so MUCH fun 'Throwing it Back' and sharing baby pictures of my kiddo! Last Week, I shared Ian from about 6 months to a year~!! So today it's all about Miss. Priss~~

In the Spring of 2008.....

We took A LOT of baths! She LOVED food and playing in the dirt! 

Food made her HAPPY! 

Ella went to the beach for the FIRST time! We went to Charleston with my sisters gang for Spring Break! 

We went to lots of family cookouts! 

We had her dedicated on Mother's Day 

We wen to the Tennessee Aquarium! She was THRILLED! 

And we rode Thomas the Train! 

She went to countless numbers of Field Days to watch my nephews! 

In the Summer of 2008....

We spent as much time as possible in the water....

Pretty girl...See my 2 bottom teeth 

and she was ALWAYS eating! 

We went back to the beach! Check out those thighs! 

We played in the fountain at the mall.

In the Fall of 2008...

We turned a year old! She DID NOT like the icing on her fingers! 

So her mean daddy smashed her face in it! Poor Ella! 

We went to pumpkin patches.....

We trick or treated

She was always surrounded by the boys! My best friend now has 4 boys! Ella was always out numbered! 

We are MORE food and liked to get messy with spaghetti...just not cake! HA 

We visited the Georgia Aquarium! 

We wore super cute dresses with pom pom boots!! 

We ended 2008, by celebrating....

Christmas surrounded by lots of family!! 

Is it just me or did she look like she grew SO MUCH from her 1st birthday to Christmas??? 

Love looking back on my sweet babies!! 

Hope you guys are having a GREAT day!! Cheers to almost the weekend! 

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