Throwback Thursday

A few weeks ago, I posted a 'Throwback Thursday' of Ian and Ella from about birth to 6 months. Well today, I wanted to share Ian from about 6 months to his first birthday! 

This has been bittersweet looking back on all these pictures! So much has changed since the Summer 2005! 

The Summer of 2005, we spent a lot of time with family, the beach, and the pool! 

He started crawling and pulling up! 

We spent the day at Stone Mountain Park! He was so exhausted. If he couldn't find his paci, he would suck his fingers like this! 

He celebrated his 1st 4th of July! 

We to the beach for the 1st time. 

On my mom's 50th birthday, Ian had his tear duct probed. 

Look at him... just pitiful. 

They were so excited to have stickers that said "Ian's Gma" HA

Ready to go home and he was a happy boy! 


He took his 2nd trip to the beach. 

In the Fall of 2005.....Ian Michael

went on his 1st plane ride to visit friends in Virginia 

Went to his first Georgia tailgate! 

Got his fingers stuck in the shower drain, rode in an ambulance, and had the drain cut of his fingers in the ER. 
Yes, I just typed that like it was no big deal. but let me tell you I was a MESS! 

After the bandage came off. Sweet boy. Scared us to death. 

Went to his first pumpkin patch

Went to Gold Rush in Dahlonega, GA 

Went to his 2nd Georgia Tailgate! Raise them up right!! 

Carved his first pumpkin

Went Trick or Treating.....

Celebrated his first Thanksgiving.

Rode the Pink Pig

And visited the Georgia Aquarium when it first opened.

Got his first haircut

Celebrated his FIRST birthday! I would say he LOVED his cake

took his first trip to Callaway Gardens to see the lights

And Celebrated his second Christmas! 

I would say that Ian Michael had a fantastic first year of life! 

It's had to believe that he is 12 now! Time really does fly by! 

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