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Hello Monday! I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!! I know we did! Ian played in his first golf tournament on Saturday and lets just say he was on FIRE!! I will go ahead and warn you now....LOTS OF GOLF pictures! I'm not even going to pretend that I am sorry because I'm not! I am so PROUD of that boy! He has struggled for so long with his confidence and to go out and preform the way he did on Saturday just blew me away!! 

So let's start with Friday! Friday morning, I went to visit my sweet Maw-Maw in the hospital! Please keep her in her prayers still. She is starting to show progress in rehab but she has a long road ahead of her. 

Friday afternoon, I picked Ian up from school and Ben meet us at the house and the boys quickly went to the golf course to get a little more practice in before Saturday afternoon!! 
 When I picked up Miss. Priss.... her and I headed for an afternoon treat! 

Years ago at the Atlanta Zoo gift shop, Ben bought me the cutest Tea Pot...

I love green tea and honey! My throat has been hurting so the hot tea and honey really helped! 

Ella ended up going to a friends house so I spent my Friday night cleaning house! #wildwoman

My boys brought home Mexican and we were all in bed by 9.

Saturday morning, I got a text form Ella at 5:45 that she really wanted to come home.....so I went and got her!! 

This is how she spent the rest of her morning......

While I enjoyed a quiet morning because guess what my guys went BACK to the golf course

YEP!! Saturday mornings are my FAVORITE! 

I finally woke Ella up around 11 to get ready for the day....

We went and grabbed chick-fil-a then headed to the golf course to get checked in, get his tee gift, and warm up with some range balls....

so this is where the crazy amount of pictures are about to happen......

Putting and range balls...

Ian's Fan Club! :) 

Practice Swings! 

This was right when they were calling out his name!! Holy Crap! I was a nervous wreck! 

His first swing in his first golf tournament! 

Walking down the first fairway! 

The rest of the pictures are throughout the tournament! 

I just wanted to include them for Ian to look back on later!! 

Being a golf sister is just exhausting! 

Uncle Chris came to show his support! 

She decided the best view was from her tummy! HAHAHAHA

Pointers from his Caddy! 

Signing his score card! 

going over his individual score....He shot a 42 for 9 holes! He has never broken 50 in 9 holes and in his FIRST golf tournament he shot a freaking 42! 
I told you this boy was on FIRE!! SO proud of him! 

Ian and his teammate came in 4th place!! 

So when he becomes the next Jordan Spieth, y'all can say... I remember reading on his mom's blog about his first golf tournament!! HAHAHAHAHA
Gotta dream big, right???

Saturday evening our little golfer requested steaks for dinner and steaks is what he received! I wish I would have taken a picture because they were AMAZING!! 

Sunday morning we ran to Ben's office then to the mall!! 

Later that afternoon, I went to the grocery store! 


hung out on the back porch with the pups watching my guys hit 

more golf balls!! 

I'm a lucky lady!! 

Trixie just wanted to join in on the fun!! 

I meal prepped for the week.....

Lots of salads! 

Then we ended our night with Nashville...

Yes, I was in tears and Yes, Ben and Ian laughed at me!! 

I hope you guys had lots of fun!! 

Cheers to another week!! 

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