Hello Monday!! I hope you guys had a great weekend! 
Last Monday, I felt like I shared 9,000 pictures with you! So I will take it easy on you this fabulous Monday! 😉

Friday the kids were out of school~ Well about 4:00am it came a really bad thunderstorm. Ben and I ended up with 2 kids and 2 dogs in the bed with us!! 
We all quickly fell back asleep since we didn't have to get ready for school!! But poor Ben he still had to get up and go to work! He text me this picture later that day.....

Trixie was scared to death during the storm! I thought she was going to come out of her fur!

Later that morning, Ella and I went to visit my grandmother in the hospital. My grandfather was admitted last Sunday to the same hospital so Ella was wheeling my grandmother over to see my grandfather.....

If you could keep our family in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. My mom and her siblings have a long road ahead of them deciding on care for both of them.

On our way home from the hospital, we stopped for an afternoon yogurt treat

That evening, it was lots of snuggles on the couch....

and then.....

pinot and pajamas for me!! 

Saturday morning....

my guys hit the golf course and Ella and I went to help my mom and aunt clean my grandparents house!! 

But not before I had to drag these 2 out of bed again

We all got home around 4! We made a mexican fiesta for dinner! 

waiting patiently for dinner to be ready! HAHAHA

Busted out the board games & planned our summer vacation

good ole Monopoly Empire! 

We ended the night....

catching up on Nashville.....


We went to church, lunch with some of our FAVORITE people- The Boswell's, Ella and I got mani's and pedi's, then we made a pitstop to the grocery store! 

Why do I always send a small fortune every time I go???

Then I put up the groceries, cleaned the house, 3 loads of laundry...you know all the fun mom stuff:) 

Can't start the week with a dirty house! 

I did get my cute mason jars from Rebekah Creations organized!! 

They match my craft room PERFECTLY!! 

What were you up to this weekend?? Any big plans this week???

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