5 Ways to Make your Home Feel Cozy

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One reason I love Fall & Winter is the feeling of coziness that those seasons bring. 

The definition of 
Adjective: giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. 

That is exactly how I want my home to feel. Wheather it is just my family of 4 or a big get together like our Bulldawg Bash! I want everyone to feel welcome and cozy! 

Today I am going to share with you 5 Ways that I make my Home feel Cozy. 


I like to offer my guests beverages depending on the time of day. If I am hosting a brunch or shower. I will make sure that I have coffee available. 

Here is my coffee corner. 

I am so very thankful that Amanda from That Inspired Chick introduced me to this Mr. Coffee Cafe' Barista  

I love my Keurig 

I keep a locker basket filled with K-Cups. For everyday coffee, Ben and I drink the Starbucks Veranda Blonde Blend. 
But for parties or showers, I make sure I have other flavors available. 

I think my coffee corner is pretty cozy! 

I love my wooden signs. 

This coffee sign is from Amanda. 

But First Coffee is from the Target HotSpot section several years ago. The little coffee mug is from Hidden Hearts 

For the COCKTAILS, I use my beloved Bar Cart.

I also have a wine cooler. 

It has been fun decorating my Bar Cart for the different occasions


I really dislike overhead lights. They make me feel like I am in a hospital or doctors office. So every day I turn on 4 lamps in our main living area. It sets the room up to be inviting and cozy. 

This lamp is right next to our loveseat. 

This lamp is on my kitchen bar. 

If it's cold enough outside, I love to build a fire. We have a wood burning fireplace. 
Nothing is cozier than a fire to me. 


It is no secret that I LOVE candles. I generally always have a candle (or 2) burning in my house. I love the scent, the light, and the feeling of happiness they bring! 
My FAVORITE year round candle is this DW Home Vanilla Bean candle. 

I love them SO much because they burn CLEAN! #itsthelittlethings

My other FAVORITE scent is the Spiced Pumpkin. I have ordered the Apple Cider 


It doesn't matter if it is 100 degrees outside, I have a blanket nearby. I love being able to wrap up in a cozy blanket at any given moment! If I'm having a few girls over for a fun night in, I want them to be able to grab a blanket, cup of coffee or glass of wine and enjoy themselves! 

Right, when you walk in my front door you see a white trunk that has been in Ben's family for 100's of years. 

When you open that trunk, it is filled with all different kinds of blankets and throws. 

I just ordered this blanket for my red chair. 

There is no rhyme or reason to these blankets/throws...
they are just rolled up fairly needly for anyone to grab! 


Nothing says "Welcome to My Home" like a batch of freshly baked cookies. Lindsay's recipe from Lindsay's Sweet World is currently my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

They smell heavenly! It's nice for your guest to just be able to grab a sweet snack at any time! 

Another crowd pleaser around here is my Pumpkin Spice Bread and Cookie Cake. 

I just realized that I have never shared either recipe on the blog! #oops 

If I'm just hanging out at home for a cozy evening, I LOVE a good oversized sweatshirt and slippers 

How do you make your house warm, cozy, and inviting??

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