Hello Monday {Fall Y'all}

Hello Monday! We are on Fall Break this week and we are SO excited! No schedules, No Homework! But both kids are getting their bottom braces today, so we have an afternoon of soup and movies ready!! 

Hope you guys had a GREAT weekend! We sure did, so like most Monday's, I am going to recap our FUN! 

Grab our graphic and join Johannah and me....

Friday, was our first official day of Fall Break! Granddaddy took Ian to play golf! Ella and I hung out around the house. I worked on orders.

Friday night, we went to Ben's cousin's wedding! 

Saturday we were up early and we went to Jaemor Farms! We meet my mom, some of my sister's gang, and my cousin, Shonda's crew! We had the BEST day despite the mist of rain! 

I will go ahead and warn you I took an overload of PICTURES! 

We also celebrated this girl turning 10 with my family! 

I think she likes it!! 

She LOVES Project MC2! 

Ella and my Niece, Amber! 

We went on a hayride....

and got lost in a corn maze....

damage from Hurricane Irma :( 

see the red spot....that's the kids 

But we made it out.....

We fed the animals...

this goat had the craziest HAIR! 

Melissa LOVES baby cows! 

We shot the apple canon...

We played skee ball...

and we just enjoyed family time! 

We ate a late lunch at Longhorn's! 

This girl LOVES the Wild West Shrimp! 

My grandmother and Ella share a birthday-October 10th :) 

So we stopped by to visit my grandparents with CUPCAKES!! 


I would say she enjoyed her cupcake! 

So did PawPAw and Tonya! 

MawMaw was much more interested in the cupcake! HA 

Love them both SO much! 

We headed home, took showers, and were in bed by 8:30! We were exhausted! But we had the BEST day! 

Sunday morning, we hung around the house, ate brunch at Legend's with Ben's parents to celebrate Ella's Birthday! Then we hit up Toys R Us and the Mall of Georgia! 

Later that evening, I picked up our groceries from Wal-Mart! and listened to my FAVORITE podcast on the way! 

I know I have mentioned this before but Ian is crazy obsessed with shoes. Like he cleans them every day. Well, he has outgrown a few pairs and wants more so he had me list them on eBay to sell for him!! Oh, this boy! He cracks me up! 
But for real, they are in perfect condition! I hope they sell! 

Can't wait to read what you share this Monday! 

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