Hello Monday {Back to Reality}

Hello Monday, Hello Reality.....Man after having 10 days off, reality is HARD! #thestruggleisreal

But we did have an AWESOME weekend that I will recap for you guys! We had a pretty low key Fall Break but ended it with a bang!! 

So grab our graphic and join us!! 

 I mentioned on Friday that Ben and I went to the Garth Brooks concert on Thursday night! Y'all he can put on a FANTASTIC show, but with it being in a stadium the sound was AWFUL. If he talked you could not understand him. We were in section 100 but my brother and sister in law were in 300 (which is the upper deck) and they couldn't really hear anything. YIKES! 

However, he can put on an AMAZING show!! 

We got to the stadium about an hour and a half before the show started! Grabbed some dinner and drinks! 

Excited Selfie because Garth was finally coming out....

a smooch for my main man! 
(not sure why my earring looks purple. they are silver) 

Mr. Garth Brooks! 

Mrs. Trisha Yearwood

Mr. Jimmy Carter presented Mrs. Yearwood with a proclamation for all of her support of Georgia over the years and her support for Habitat for Humanity! 
(I had to google that part because I couldn't understand what he was saying...EEK) 

Even with the sound issues, it was a GREAT concert! We had a BLAST! 

Friday morning, we hit the road to Pigeon Forge, TN! 

It's such a beautiful drive but we were hoping leaves would have changed a little bit more! 

We got to our hotel around 3:30, unloaded, and headed to Dollywood! 

I didn't have my phone with me most of the time because it was in a locker while we were riding the roller coasters! 

But the lights were so cool at night! 

The park closed at 9:00 so we headed back to the hotel to crash for the evening. 

We were back up and ready to hit the park at 10 when it opened on Saturday!! 

We were decked out in our red and black for our BULLDAWGS in that ugly sea of orange. (Sorry Erica) However, I am proud to say that our DAWGS were well represented in Dollywood this particular day! We got lots of "Go Dawgs" 

I LOVED all the Fall decorations! Dolly does it right, friends! 

The kids said this was Trixie in pumpkin form, being lazy! HA 

He thought it was SO funny to give his sister and the pumpkin "bunny ears" 😂😂

They rode the swings! 

More decorations throughout the park! 

Neither kid would stand in the coffin! 

We toured Dolly's museum! 

Love this quote! 

Gotta LOVE all of Dolly's clothes! 

Of Course, I loved her shoes! 

No WAY was I riding this ride! HA 

It made me sick trying to take these pictures! 

They dipped candles! 

Our FAVORITE rides are the Lightning Rod and the Wild Eagle! 
We always purchase the Time Saver passes and we think it is money well spent! I think the longest we waited for a ride was 10 minutes and at one point during the day most rides were 45-100 minutes! 

We got in the car around 7:15 just in time to listen to the Georgia Game. Well, we could get any service going through the mountains and I'm so very thankful for that! The start of that game Ben would have been fit to be tied!! Luckily, we picked it up shortly after we got through the mountains and we pulled it together. 
Dawgs win again!! 53-28
We got home right at 11pm. We crashed and we crashed HARD! 

Sunday we slept in. Then I started the mountains of laundry and housework. 
Ben and I left around 12:30 to head to Ian's golf tournament. Grammy and Chris were going to watch him, so since Ella throating was hurting her and she was coughing nonstop, we started home to run a couple of errands and finish house chores! 

We ran to Petsmart and Michael's and we found a painted rock. We had never found one before! We can't wait to paint some of our own and hide them! 

 Grammy and Chris kept us up to date with Ian's golf game. Definitely not his best round, but we are still so proud of him and his determination to keep practicing and getting better! 

Last, just because I was so excited about this custom order I received, I have to share with you guys! It will be listed in the Etsy Shop today! 

We go together like.....


I can't handle the cuteness!! 

I can't wait to see what you have to share this Monday!! 

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