Hello Monday {Red Carpet Edition}

Hello Monday! We had a great weekend celebrating a special "almost" 10-year-old.....
I hope you will join Johannah and me for Hello Monday! Anything goes....

Friday started off with me running several errands to get ready for Ella's birthday party. I mentioned in my September monthly goals that I started Weight Watchers but I was only doing it onlineplus I did ok but I knew I needed more accountability so I upgraded my account to the meetings + onlineplus. I went to my first meeting on Friday morning. 

I saw this sign at my meeting and I loved it! I'm here to be AWESOME! 

My carpool buddy joined me to pick up Ian. 

Just a little reading and cuddling! 

Friday after school, Ella and I cleaned and got everything set up for her party! 

Then we cuddled on the couch and watched Hocus Pocus

With a glass of wine, of course 

Saturday morning, The guys went to the golf course and we meet
Grammy and 2 of her sisters to walk around the Duluth Fall Festival! 

Ella "adopted" this puppet! 

He's kinda of creepy, kinda of cute! 😬

We came home and got all the food ready for her party just in time to watch the DAWGS kick off! 

Hollywood ready.....

She requested mini funetti cupcakes with Publix icing. 

and that is what she got...

oh and "shower" punch! 

photo booth

The "red carpet"

The girls started arriving at 5:00! 

LOTS of pictures coming up.... 

They put on their "fancy" dresses and ran around the back yard.

Trixie had on her fancy dress, too! 

Addison LOVED sitting down and making her dress "poofy" 

Present TIME! 

Then they were ready to walk the red carpet...

Then photo booth FUN.....

My living room was FULL of tissue paper and tulle...

Sweet Girls...

At Dusk, we started the movie..Descendants 2. 

Now, this is a way to watch a movie! 

They watched about 30 minutes of the movie. It was brand new DVD and it started "skipping" so they gave up and started playing tag! But at least I got cute pictures 😉
Ben was thrilled that he took all that time to set up the screen for 30 minutes of a movie! 😛

3 girls spent the night and 3 girls ended up going home! Ella had a GREAT birthday party! He actually birthday is next Tuesday but it's fall break for our kiddos so some friends were going out of town so we celebrated early! 

Sunday morning, my guys headed back to the golf course. All the girls left by 10am. 
I started laundry and putting my house back together. 

The dogs literally had "a day of rest" 😉 

I guess birthday parties just exhaust them! You know because they work so hard! 😂😂

I worked on getting this week's orders organized, several orders packaged to ship tomorrow, and got 4 new designs created, and 2 of those designs actually created and listed!! 

I didn't eat great this weekend, so I also spent a good portion of Sunday planning Weight Watcher friendly meals!! 

What did you do this weekend??

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