Friday Favorites

Well, Friends, We made it to FRIDAY and the kids are officially on FALL BREAK! We have a lot planned this weekend and next week! With a good mixture of fun and relaxation! We are also celebrating a certain little girl turning 10! 

As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES this week! 

In between the craziness of the week, I worked on lots of Etsy orders and creating a few new designs for the shop...

Here are a few of my FAVORITES from this week! 

These designs are all available in the Etsy shop! I love this time of year in the shop because all the gift purchases start to come it. I love being a part of someone's gift giving. 

On Tuesday, two new FAVORITE books arrived in my mailbox...

The weather is cooling off and I can't wait to dive into Simmers! I'm sure I  will find a new FAVORITE recipe or 2! 
My slow cooker and I are besties! 

Oh, Melanie... I just adore you and Sophie!! I have a feeling Church of the Small Things is going to be a FAVORITE book for sure! 

Speaking of Melanie and Sophie, I just realized that I had a podcast app on my phone so when I have been driving around this week, I have been catching up on Big Boo Podcast! Y'all they are SO FUNNY! like pee your britches funny!! Why did I not realize that I could listen to them via that app a long time ago???? Where have I been? 

New FAVORITE thing to do while I'm driving! 

A new FAVORITE top. I just happened to find at TJ Maxx. It has the bell sleeves. I couldn't get a good picture but it's a new FAVORITE! 

Wednesday, we celebrated #nationaltacoday with tacos! I had a taco salad. 9SP
Tacos are a FAVORITE around here for SURE! 

While I was watching This is Us on Tuesday night, I enjoyed a glass of wine (4SP) and painted my nails and toenails! A new FAVORITE fall color is OPI-Lincoln Park after dark! 

It's Friday and they still look great! Plus, I'm hard on my nails! 

When Lindsay mentioned Boutique Quality Leggings & Tunics for Half the Price, I snatched them up! I have a few pair of LLR leggings and I think these are just as FABULOUS! I haven't washed them yet but they are just as comfortable. Thank you for the heads up, Lindsay! 

Y'all know me and my love of GLITTER! It's my FAVORITE!! and guess what it was only $12.99! 

So I mentioned earlier that I started Weight Watchers! I had my first weigh in yesterday! I was down.....
3.2 pounds!! 
EEK! That number on the scale is a step in the right directions!! 
I have felt so much better this week and that is a FAVORITE for sure!! 

A not so FAVORITE from this week...

Ian slammed his finger in Ben's truck door last week. Well, I wasn't so worried about it until it started turning really red where the nail and finger meet. I ended up taking him to the doctor. The doctor poked a hole in the nail to release the blood pooling....blood "popped" out but Ian said it was an immediate relief. Now we just have to keep it clean so it doesn't get infected! 

My FAVORITE blog post this week was Ella's Book Club review! 

What do y'all have planned this weekend??

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