October Monthly Goals

Another Month, Another set of Goals!! I love setting goals and especially posting them on this little space of mine because I kinda feel like y'all help keep me accountable! 

But like always lets review September's Goals! 


1. Wear Apple watch more.
2. Start Weight Watchers.
3. Continue to plan in my planner each week.
4. Work on meal planning and prepping. 

1. Celebrate 14 years of marriage.
2. Start a book club for Ella and her friends. 
3. Go to a corn maze.
4. Go to a fall festival
5. Decorate for Fall

1. Create 2 new items for the shop.
2. Make business card bags for packages.
3. Host a giveaway for reaching 1K followers on IG 

1. Get a few post ahead
2. Work on graphics for each post
3. Post a DIY post

I would say 11 out of 15 is pretty good! Here are a few pictures to prove it! 😉

I wore my Apple Watch just about every day! 

I started Weight Watcher Onlineplus last month but started Onlineplus + Meetings on Friday! 

I weight in on Thursday! I know I can do this! 

Plan in my planner each week! Plus I have a really cute new cover. 

I was hoping to show you guys how I use my planner but I just haven't gotten to it yet! 

I meal plan each week, I don't also prep ahead. 

Celebrate 14 years of marriage!! Our anniversary past but we haven't "celebrated" yet! But we do have a date night planned next week! 

We hosted Ella's Book Club last Thursday and I am going to share that with y'all tomorrow! 

We went to the Fall Festival at Ella's school and The Duluth Fall Festival this past weekend! 

We are decked out for Halloween and Fall

I created more than 2 items for the Etsy Shop....

I would make lots of my "business card bags" then I would use them up and I would repeat the process! It's a great problem to have! I have shipped out a lot of orders this month! 

Here is what I include in my "business card bag"

I can't seem to get a few post ahead but I do use the monthly layout of my life planner to plan ahead. 

And I just realized that my "what's up Wednesday" post is scheduled for the 18th on my calendar. I have since moved it to the 25th. I did't mean to do that!! 

And I have really tried to up my "graphic" game. 

Not for every post! But I will eventually get there! Ha

FINALLY, let's look at my October Monthly Goals! 


1. Track all my food
2. Lose 5 pounds
3. Find ways to get more active

1. Work on Fall Bucket List
2. Enjoy Fall Break
3. Try 3 new recipes

1. Plan and Prep for my FIRST vendor event
2. Create 3 Christmas designs
3. Hit 600 sales 

1. Continue working on graphics
2. Be more active in my blog group 
3. Share post more on social media

Are you a goal setter? What do you hope to accomplish this month??

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