It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus Party

Happy Wednesday! For this month's Pin it & Spin it. I am going to share Ella's Hocus Pocus Party because we all know the first place I went for inspiration was Pinterest.

Make sure to check out my Halloween Board.

I would have to say that I just kind of mixed a whole bunch of pins and ideas to create my spin on Ella's Hocus Pocus Party.

We started off by sending out these invites to her friends. I created them on Canva. Since she wanted to have a spend the night party I only let her send it out to a few girls.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Friday of her party she was suppose to get her braces off but didn't so her day started off rough but ended very well.

After pedicures, we got home to finish setting up for the party.

We added punch to the bar cart. (and bats)

We set the CUTEST table. I found those black cat napkins at Home Goods.

The birthday girl requested I make her Funfetti cupcakes.

If you don't follow KtoZDesigns you are missing out. She showed these jack o lanterns a few weeks ago and I knew I needed to recreate them as centerpieces for Ella's party. I made 3 and then SAturday night took one to Colleen and Kim to display at their homes!

These 3 melt my heart!

I took Krista's balloon course and I love it. So easy and worth the money!

Then we moved onto presents. I couldn't help but share all of these pictures because the excitement on her face is genuine.

Right after present opening, Madelyn showed up to the party. Y'all her family just got home from a cruise. They drove from Miami, FL and dropped Madelyn off at Ella's party before even going home. Now that is a TRUE friend.

Later that evening, I made the girls hot chocolate and turned on HOCUS POCUS.

Then that was it for the night. I didn't stress over the whole party being "pinterest perfect". I just basically let the girls dictate the night and it was a HUGE success.

Make sure you come back Friday to see how we ended our Fall Break with a BANG!

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