Fall Break Recap

Happy Tuesday Friends! My kids are back in school after a full week and one day of Fall Break! Last week was a great mixture of chilling and celebrating. I am going to start part 1 of 3 of our Fall Break Fun! Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine (no judgement here) and settle in for a little recap of FUN!

We kicked off Fall Break with a short & sweet trip to the lake with The Boswell's! You can read all about that here. 

Monday- We spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, just catching up on life.

Tuesday- Ella and I went and picked up everything for her birthday party. Then later she went to Addison's to celebrate her birthday since Addison was going to be out of town for her party.
They sent me this picture of them at the nail salon!

Meanwhile Ben and I were enjoying the nice weather on the back deck.

Pinot & a Pug. 2 of my favorites!

Oh and then Ian ended up going to spend the night at Stephanie's house too with Conyer! So Ben and I had the house to ourselves.

Wednesday morning, Stephanie dropped off Ian early since Conyer had football practice but Ella stayed with Addison because Stephanie took them shopping in our downtown area! They had so much fun trying on clothes.

All while back at the house, Talia and her boys came over to hang out. We enjoyed a glass of wine on the back deck! I mean we had 5 boys in my house. We deserved a whole bottle 😉

Ian ended up going home with her gang and she sent me this picture...

They had 2 tvs set up with 2 playstations going! #boys

Thursday morning, this girl woke up as a BIG 12 year old. She requested 2 blueberry waffles and chocolate ice cream for breakfast and that is exactly what she got. I even served it to her in bed!

Later that afternoon, she had an appointment to get highlights. I wasn't for her getting highlights but her daddy said yes so I went along with it. Since her highlights are red it's not something that we are going to have to keep up with every 6-8 weeks. I don't think she loved sitting in that chair for 3 hours! HA

We picked up Ian from Talia's house and then met Ben at Ninja steakhouse for her birthday dinner!

I was trying to get a picture of her highlights to send to Addison!

Friday morning, Ella had an orthodontist appt to have her braces removed but unfortunately she didn't get them removed because her bite had slipped a little bit.

So we ended up getting pedicures and having lunch before heading home to finish getting ready for her party.

Friday evening she had 3 girls over for a bunch of HOCUS POCUS! Come back tomorrow and I will share all the details of her party.

Saturday morning all the girls were gone by 10am and we left around 10:30 to head to Ben's brother, Chris's house, to watch the Georgia vs South Carolina game. Y'all it was so SAD. It's a good thing we had our own sweet DAWGS to worry about feeding and taking pictures of...

Grammy and Granddaddy brought them Wendy's to share. 

Copper + Duke + Trixie + Penny = Sweetest Cousin Pups ever.

I had to drink an extra Bon & Viv to get through that game.

But we did have the cutest cheerleaders.

We left Chris and Kim's to make it home in time to set up the TV on the back deck for the 8pm game. Just FYI- my makeup was still on point. 😉I am loving my new Senegence makeup and face products.

Sunday we left the house bright and early to pick up donuts. We headed to visit my grandmother to celebrate the birthday girls yet again.

One turned 86 one turned 12 😁

We couldn't find a lighter so they had to pretend to make a wish and blow out their candle.

Guess who had an announcement to make...

Amber and Johnathon are expecting a BABY! I am going to be a great aunt again but not because I'm old because I'm FABULOUS! 😉

Later Sunday, we spent the afternoon at one of our FAVORITE places in the Fall so make sure you come back FRIDAY for that fall fun activity.

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