Friday Favorites | Almond Milk, Milk Frother, & Nail Polish

Hey Hey Friends!! It's Friday and Mother's Day Weekend! Happy Mother's Day to you mamas! I hope you enjoy your weekend.

As usual, I am sharing a few FAVORITES today!

I have 3 kitchen appliances, a candle, and a nail polish that I am sharing with y'all today! I know I know total randomness! HA

O N E: Almond Cow 

So I watch Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons Instastories ALL THE TIME and she is always making FRESH Almond Milk so I decided to invest in my own Almond Cow and I will never buy store Almond Milk again. The freshness of this almond milk is so GOOD and best of all I control the ingredients. It is definitely an investment but you can set up monthly payments. I only purchased the machine and glass jug! But it does look like you can preorder a starter kit.

Then from the pulp I was able to make fresh granola for my yogurt in the mornings.

And GUESS WHAT?? you can even make cocktails with it?!?!? 

T W O- Milk Frother

I shared this guy on Tuesday in my Prime Purchases post but he is for sure worth mentioning again.

It has two options. To heat and froth your creamer or just heat your creamer.

I generally froth my creamer.

Looks super yummy, right??

T H R E E: Air Fryer 

We purchased this air fryer back in December of 2018 and let me tell you we use it all the time. from french fries, to chicken fingers, corn dogs, and chicken parm but I add marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Do you have an air fryer? If so, what is your favorite recipe to make in it!


F O U R: DW Home Candles

I have mentioned these candles on this little space forever. Well I normally get them from TJ Maxx but #rona I haven't been able to go to TJ Maxx so I went to their website and ordered more because I ran OUT 😭You can also grab them on Amazon.

F I V E: Essie Gel Setter

Since we can go to the nail salon, I picked up this Essie Gel Setter and it has last a few days on my nails before chipping. I picked mine up at Target but you can find it here on Amazon.  Have y'all found a top coat that is your FAVORITE?? 

Cheers to the weekend! 

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