Monthly Goals | May 2020

Happy Wednesday!! New Month = New Goals 

M A Y 


1. Schedule an appointment with an Allergist. My allergies are out of control. I know it is pollen season and I take allergy medicine everyday even more than once a day sometimes. Between sneezing all the time and my stomach issues, I think an appointment with an allergist is necessary.

2. Schedule my first mammogram. I had a mammogram scheduled before #rona hit but of course it got canceled so now I need to reschedule that appointment.

3. Hopefully get back to the gym. Fingers crossed my gym opens back up soon.

4. Work on Master Home Improvement List. I hope to get at least 5 things marked off the list but I just keep adding to it!

5. Get a Manicure and Pedicure. I haven't been to the nail salon since March 14th. Nail salons are slowly opening back up around my house and I hope by the end of the month to get a mani/pedi (especially before the beach)


1. End the School Year. I'm so ready for school to be over and to be able to just enjoy summer.

2. Go to the BEACH. We have a beach trip planned at the end of the month. Luckily, the condo we are staying at is a friends so we don't have to worry about canceling if we don't end up getting to go.

3. Celebrate Mother's Day. Right now we don't have any plans for Sunday and that's ok with me.

4. Try a new recipe. I am loving Magnolia Table Volume 2 and I want to try a few of her recipes. 

5. Celebrate Memorial Day. I feel like Memorial Day is a great kickoff to SUMMER.

6. Enjoy a Day on the Lake. Y'all know how much we love being on the water.

My Glittery Heart

1. Share my everyday coffee cart. I always share how I decorate the coffee cart for holidays but I don't think I have shared how it is decorated just for everyday use.

2. Share my Dining Room Table set-up. I am loving my simple set up right now and I hope you do too!

3. Share my Red, White, and Blue Decor. I generally leave up our Patriotic decor all summer long!

4. Share 2 more of my Favorite self-development books. I share these 2 last month. 

Oh My Glitter

1. Try to plan a Summer Sip & Shop. Dang you #rona

2. Share all the Red, White, and Blue. I have several new items in the shop so I just need to keep sharing them on social media.


1. Share a Patriotic Look. I have a few looks in mind, Let's see if I can make it look somewhat good!

2. Try an Ombre' Lip. I have seen a few distributors share an Ombre' lip and it looks so cool!

Now Let's see how I did in A P R I L...


✘1. Continue working out at home and/or the Peloton 4-5 days a week. 
✔2. Continue working through my cleaning card system
✔3. Continue working on Playlist.
✘4. Continue deleting unwanted photos on phone. 
✘5. Date night with Ben. (even if it's on the back deck) 


✔1. Enjoy Spring Break. 
✔2. Celebrate Ben's Birthday.
✔3. Celebrate Easter. 
✘4. Go back to school.

My Glittery Heart:

✔1. Share Easter decorations.
✘2. Share Spring Break Bucket List.
✔3. Recap Spring Break.
✘4. Share Favorite accounts to follow on Friday's

Oh My Glitter:

✘1. Work on Sip & Shop details.
✔2. Share Cinco de Mayo goodies.
✔3. Share 4th of July goodies. 


✔1. Share Spring looks. 
✘2. Look into MUA.

10 out of 18. I only got half of my goals accomplished. I'm just going to give myself GRACE. and hope to do better this month. 

Here are a few pictures just for fun! 

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