Mother's Day 2020

Hey Y'all! So Yesterday I left off at my Mother's Day morning so I am going to move that part of the post here and include the rest of our afternoon and evening. I just want the whole day together and Sunday night I just didn't want to sit at the computer and add the last few pictures! 😉

Sunday, May 10th- 

We got up, went to church, had brunch at the club. then I sent my gang off to play golf while I headed to the spa for an afternoon of pampering! JUST KIDDING! That is what I WISH we got to do on Sunday but in reality this is how our day went... (I got a few of y'all yesterday!!) 😜😜😜

My gang got up and headed to the golf course while I made myself brunch, watched church online, got ready, painted my nails, worked on this blog post, watered my plants, and emptied to dishwasher.

Now before you say "I can't believe they left her for Mother's Day"- DON'T worry! I enjoyed my quiet morning ALL ALONE!! Ben knows alone time is what I crave!

Ella made me this painting while she was at my sister's! I LOVE it! I can't wait to hang it in my craft room!

Later that afternoon, my gang got home and we grilled steaks. Ben's parents joined us!

After dinner I sat up the popcorn stand (I have all the details coming on Friday) and we watched DOLITTLE! Have y'all seen it? We thought it was pretty cute! 

I wanted to get a few pictures and this is the first one Ben snapped! HA I love this sweet girl of mine and I will hold her as long as I can!

So thankful for these two!

and YES Ella is almost as tall as me 😢

I love my crazy crew!!

amd one last one of Ben and his sweet mama!

I pray you all had a great day!! I sure did!!


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