Our Week with Bailey's Graduation and a Lake Day

Happy Wednesday Friends! Instead of What's Up Wednesday this month I am recapping last week! I don't feel like we have been up to anything new.

I will warn you that it is going to be picture OVERLOAD because we had a busy week! 

I do want to back up to Sunday, May 17th. 

I mentioned in this weekly recap that we meet the boys at the course. Well I took a few pictures and wanted to add them.

I love these 3! 

I love my cute monogram on my slim can koozie.

After we got home and I got everyone fed, I enjoyed a glass of wine on the back deck!

Monday, May 18th- 

It was much the same. Quiet time, the gym, working on Etsy orders, and finishing up school work. Plus Ella had a doctor's appt.

Nothing to exciting because I didn't even take a picture!

Tuesday, May 19th- 

I had to run a few errands and one included a trip to Target and just look at the goodies I found in the hot spot.

I crashed outside that evening with a glass of pinot and the heater on because it was a little cool.

Wednesday, May 20th- 

Whew was this a BUSY day! I woke up, had my quiet time, hit the gym, then did a "drive-by" to pick up Ian's yearbook. So weird. Then it was home to have the groomer come and groom the pups all while making sure both kids had turned everything in because it was their last day of school. All the Praise hands!!

That evening we got to celebrate our sweet Bailey with a virtual graduation. It was not how we expected to celebrate our graduate but we made the most of it.

Before her virtual graduation, she had her college softball signing.

a sweet message from her high school coach.

so proud of this girl!

I picked up the cutest cookies for the graduate.

Then this sweet girl surprised her mama and daddy with cap and gown pictures!

Then it was time for our graduate to receive her diploma.

One of her favorite teachers showed up playing the graduation music with balloons on her car and a fake 50 yard line for her to cross. It was the SWEETEST!!

She got to turn her tassel.

and just like that she's a high school graduate.

Then it was gift time. Ella and I had so much fun putting her gift together. It made us so excited to plan her care packages for college.

Thursday, May 21st-

It was our first official day of summer break. It was a day of laundry, riding on the Peloton, and making pizza dough for homemade pizza for dinner.

Look who sat and watched TV with me for a little while.

Then it was a few episodes of Sweet Magnolias before CRASHING!

Friday, May 22nd- 

I let Ella sleep in while I ran Ian to the course and myself to the gym and to pick up a few groceries.

Once I got home I took a shower, crashed on the couch, and finished watching Sweet Magnolias. 

But look who came to visit...

our neighbors got a new puppy. Her name is Bella and she is precious!

You see that red dot on her head! That's makeup because she girls had her in a TikTok. HA

Saturday, May 23rd- 

We were up early and heading to the lake for the day with some of our favorite people.

Love these crazy boys!

After lunch it was tubing time.

Noah, Abby, Ella on Bryan's boat.

Shannon and Toby tubing on our boat. 

Ben took the kids riding on the jet ski.

Toby, Ian, and Shannon

Then it was back to the dock for fun! He makes me so freaking nervous when he dives like this.

Love my Talia!

Besties forever.

Love this handsome man.

What a CREW!

We got home Saturday evening, unpacked, ate a quick dinner, and CRASHED!

Sunday, May 24th- 

My boys headed to the course while Ella and I slept in, I watched church online, did laundry, etc. Then Ella and I picked up Brett to head to met Ben and Ian at the course for lunch and for them to head out to play 18 holes.

While I went to the pool and did this....

I got home around 4:00 and waited for the gang to get home.

Monday, May 25-

It was Memorial Day. Of Course, my guys headed to the course while Ella and I headed to the pool with some of our favorites!

Ella had Addison and Laney Brooke spend the night. It was a great day!

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend!

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