Lazy Lake Days

Happy Wednesday Friends! I have really struggled with sharing these pictures because we did take two lake trips with some dear friends during our quarantine time but in the end this is my little space on the internet that I use as a scrapbook for our family so I didn't want to leave these pictures out. Yes, I know anyone can view, read, and leave comments. It's the ugly comments that I am hoping that I do not receive. Both families chose to spend this time together and we did follow the "no gathering larger than 10 people" but we not good at social distancing. I mean we did make sure to wash our hands more, not eat or drink after each other, etc. But we were not always 6 feet apart.

 We are backing up to March 27th-29th and April 3rd-5th 

March 27th- 

We got to the lake late Thursday, March 26th- got everything unpacked, the boats in the water, etc.

Friday morning started with Ben on a call with his team.

Then it was tubing for the kids.

Lunch Break.

Just Chillin'

Then back to tubing.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out, talking, sipping, cooking dinner, and all that fun stuff.

Saturday, March 28th- 

Coffee with a view is always a good idea!

It was another afternoon of chillin' and tubing! But LuLu and I enjoyed laying in the sun!

Coffee then Bon & Viv!

Sweet LuLu!!

Brett is Ella's other "big brother" 

Sunday, March 29th we packed up and went home.

We came back to the lake on Thursday, April 2nd. 

We started the night off by fishing.

Ella always gets Brett or Rob to get her fish off the hook because they are the professional fishermen in her life! They just love fishing with her! HA

Sweet Girls actually before fishing... 

These 2 plus Charlie made an amazing Oreo dessert!

Friday, April 3rd-

Ben took Ian, Ella, and Brett to play golf. We got pictures thanks to Ella! 😉

Meanwhile the mamas were back at the house reading. 

 Later that evening it was back to tubing.

Saturday, April 4th- 

Ian caught a BIG one! 😜

By noon we were tubing again.

Before 2:00, we were fishing again.

By 2:35- they had moved on to other fun and games

That evening the girls wanted to get pictures in their monogrammed Columbia shirts. Ok really it was me that wanted pictures of us in our shirts.

Sunday, April 5th- 

The kids wanted to tub one last time before we packed up and headed home.

We love our lake time with The Boswell's and can't wait to go back especially now that our "shelter in place" has been lifted.

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