Daily Dime

Happy Tuesday!! How is your week going so far?? I was so excited when I found out about Kristin's "Daily Dime" Link Up! I thought it would be fun to share a day in the life post!! 

Like I said, I was so excited to share a day in the life post and I believe I picked the most boring day of my life to share! I documented YESTERDAY! Just another manic Monday for this mama!! 

I start each morning with my coffee, quiet time, and blog reading!! I'm generally up around 5am. 

I got Ian up at 6, take him to school around 6:50, then home to get Miss. Press ready for school and leave again around 8. However, this particular morning I stayed at school and worked on PTO stuff till around 10am.  

Then home to start the Shift Shop program. 

Holy Moly... I was a HOT MESS!! 

Then I started working on Etsy Orders...

Then I got a call to come pick up this guy! Allergies are in full swing over here:( 

After I got him settled... I started working on orders again along with eating lunch and watching Hart of Dixie! 

Around 2:45, I went to get in carpool line to get Ella!! 

Carpool and Kindle! 

Home to unpack and enjoy a snack! 

I love these Chobani "flips"

After working little bit more on Etsy orders and PTO paperwork, I figured it would be good to feed my family dinner!! 

Later that evening, I worked on finishing my menu for the week along with my grocery list! 

Then it was homework, showers, and Trixie snuggles!! 

I can't wait to read about your "Daily Dime"  

Don't forget tomorrow is Recipe Club! 

We have a NEW graphic and NEW Co-Host! 

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