This and That!

Happy Thursday! I know I mentioned before that I was not going to post on a Thursday but since I didn't get a post up on Tuesday and I am joining a different link up tomorrow I thought I would share a little bit of life lately this week!! 

On Monday, We watched the Solar Eclipse! I went to watch it with Ella's class~ We were only in 98% totality but it was still pretty cool! 

Ian thought Trixie was so funny in the Eclipse glasses! HA 

On Tuesday- this happened! 

Both kiddos got braces! They are still in a little bit of pain! But Motrin and jello have been our friend! 

Yesterday was just CRAZY and I didn't get any pictures! But we ended the evening working concessions at the middle school and going to church!! 

I did want to share to new link ups!! 

also, don't forget about the giveaway that I am DYING To host....
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