Hello Monday & TBB Asks-Summer

Hello, Monday! It's our first full week of the school year and I know by Wednesday we will all be DRAGGING! Luckily, we don't have much going on this week!! 

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us for Hello Monday! Remember anything goes....

So when the kids went back to school on Wednesday, I thought it would be a great idea to deep clean my house! Man, was it work to get "summer" off of my walls, cabinets, drawers, everything! I used lots of these...

Magic Erasers! They were life savers! 

I cleaned ALL day on Wednesday and Thursday! So Friday, I had to play catch up with emails, PTO papers, Etsy Shop orders! 

In the process of working, I was watching Me before You! Y'all I was a MESS! I wish I would have read the book first! 

Look at all that glitter!! 

We ended Friday night on the back porch with a glass of wine!! 

Trixie was so ready for bed!! 

Saturday morning, my boys headed to the golf course! 
I cleaned out the garage and took a load of stuff to Goodwill!! 

Ian had his check point for Project Scratch and GUESS WHAT??!?!?! 
Ben sent me pictures!!!! YAY

Y'all know my excitement!! Ian is doing so well with golf!! 

Later that afternoon, I worked on a few more designs that I will list in the Etsy Shop this week! 

Look who decided to "help" me in the craft room! 

Just look at this orange for the Fall!! 

Who's ready for Pumpkin Spice Season??

Working on some cupcake toppers for a sweet set of twins!

Sunday Morning, my guys headed back to the golf course!! Ella went to Six Flags with her friend, Madelyn. 

They had a BLAST!! 

Later that evening, we went to The Smith's house for dinner!! 

I made a cookie cake to take for dessert!! 

Y'all would think the boys had died and gone to heaven with this dessert! I knew it was Jud's favorite! But Conyer declared it his favorite, as well, and requested it for his birthday cake in NOVEMBER people!! 

But before we went to dinner, Stephanie picked me up and we went SHOPPING kid-free and hubby-free!! Ladies, y'all know that time is more precious than gold and we enjoyed our hour to the FULLEST!! 
Just look at Stephanie's face with all her packages!! 

Love this sweet friend of mine!! So very thankful we get to do life together!! 

Before I call this Hello Monday a wrap...I'm sharing a few answers from TBB ASKS {Summer} 

1. Pool but I love the lake and ocean just as much.
2. Hotel. This mama is not a big camper
3. Chocolate
4. PJ's
5. White Wine or Sangria 
6. Hot- When I get cold it's so hard to warm back up
7. Sandals with a small heel
8. Shorts
9. Sit in the Sun
10. Water with lemon
11. Oh that's a tie between strawberries and watermelon
12. Both- sunrises and sunsets are both beautiful
13. Walk
14. Winery
15. Garden- but mine is not doing so well
16. Big summer concert
17. bacon cheddar burgers
18. patio
19. beach
20. Big theme park
21. drinks on the rocks-margaritas anyone??
22. Popsicle
23. Hamburger

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