S'mores Martini

Happy Tuesday, Friends! It is our official LAST day of Summer Break...😭 But we did have a really great summer!! I will recap our Summer Bucket List soon! But for today, I am sharing an S'mores Martini! Oh my Glitter, was it GOOD! Get Ready because National S'more Day is coming on August 10th!

When Beth reached out about sharing S'mores recipes for National S'more Day! I jumped at the idea!! I LOVE S'mores and I have been wanting to make a chocolate martini so what a PERFECT opportunity!! 

I found this recipe for a Chocolate Martini and added an S'mores Twist...


4oz Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur 
2oz chocolate liqueur 
crushed graham cracker
chocolate sundae syrup


In a cocktail shaker, add ice, Bailey's, and chocolate liqueur 
Give it a good shake

To line your martini glass with chocolate and graham crackers, I squirted chocolate syrup in a small saucer in the shape of a circle and "dipped" the rim of my glass in the syrup.
Then on another saucer, I had the crushed graham cracker and dipped the chocolate syrup in the graham cracker pieces. 

Then placed the martini glass in the fridge for about 10 minutes to let the chocolate "harden"

Finally, I "toasted" a marshmallow with a lighter (real classy, I know) and stuck a toothpick through it!

Once my glass was "hardened", I poured the chocolate martini in, added the "toasted" marshmallow, and ENJOYED!! 

Do you enjoy S'mores?? I can't wait to check out the other recipes! Make sure you do too!!

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