Friday Favorites | Annie F. Downs Edition

Hey Y'all! Happy Friday! It has been COLD here in Georgia like lows in the 20's. Yes, I realize that is nothing for my northern friends but y'all I HATE COLD WEATHER! The good Lord planted my roots in the SOUTH for a reason... I LIKE IT WARM! Maybe we should just keep going south......

Well I hope everyone is staying warm and safe wherever you are because I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week. Grab a cup of Coffee and Enjoy!

Monday evening, I got to hug ANNIE F. DOWNS' neck. Y'all I was giddy with excitement. I just love her. I love her books. She talked about her latest book, Remember God. I read it right when it came out but I am going to read it again. I think it will have a whole different feel this time around since I have heard her speak about it. 

I posted this picture back in October. 

Here we were Monday evening. 

She was PHENOMENAL. If you ever get an opportunity to hear Annie speak, DO NOT PASS IT UP! She is just one of my FAVORITE authors. 
We got in the car to head home and Stephanie said "I didn't want her to stop talking" I didn't either. So much truth. She told us to write down Psalms 77:11-14. Look it up! 

Last weekend, I was able to decorate the bar cart for Valentine's Day! I love how it turned out! Y'all all know decorating the bar cart for different holidays is a FAVORITE! To see the bar cart decorated for other holiday's click here. 

Last weekend when we were at the mall shopping for Ella's daddy/daughter dress, Ben let me pick out a new purse and tennis shoes for my birthday gifts. I am in LOVE! 

My new Brighton purse. It's fantastic, It's beautiful, and it's my FAVORITE 

I am in LOVE with my tennis shoes! They feel like I am walking on a cloud! Ian is the one that talked me into them and they are fabulous! 

So I kept seeing the "jade roller" popping up on social media! I ordered one and now I am a FIRM believer and it is my new FAVORITE beauty item. 
For some reason every time my sinus' act up, my ear fills up with junk and it can't "pop" like the ear drum "suction cups" to the ear canal and it sounds like I have a river following through my head #dramatic. When I had this problem last summer I went to the doctor and she gave me a steroid. The steroid made me mean and moody and I will never take them again. Last week I "heard" the river again so I took my jade roller  (the skinny side) and rubbed right by my ear drum and it "popped" the suction! I'm good as new and I can't hear the "river" 🤣 CRAZY! 

Yesterday was weigh in day! I lost the 1.2 that I gained last week so I am back at my highest weight loss. So this week I am determined to get past this point!! I can do it! 

In case you missed it, I shared my January Book Review yesterday! 

What are some of your favorites from this week?? Weekends are our FAVORITES and I hope to not get out of my pj's tomorrow!! 

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