Our Week with Labor Day, A Birthday Celebration, and HomeComing.

Hey Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a great weekend. I am recapping our week and weekend. 

Monday, September 5th- (Labor Day) 

Again, I was the laziest human on the face of the earth. Ben headed to the course, Ian and Ella slept in, and I finished my 2nd book of the long weekend. 

I did finish a few fall touches and put the bins back in the shed, ordered HOCO shoes and a bowtie. Again with the laundry, cooked fajitas, showered and bed. 

But I did share this...

Even though I was lazy, I did crawl into bed early but continued to read until well past my bedtime. 

Tuesday, September 6th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, a few household chores, a ride on the Peloton.  

Ben's Aunt Debbie, text me about Sandra's Sangria recipe, and look what I found....

Y'all I was in tears. I miss her so much. 

But I had to keep the day going.... 

annual girly doctor visit
Oasis Meeting
Ella dentist visit
Nail appointment. 

Look at her... The Princess got her CFA. 

After our nail appointment, we picked up wings, ate dinner, boys regripped clubs, I blogged, and Ella did homework. 

Showers and Bed. 

Wednesday, September 7th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Then it was all the things around the house. Picked up Ella, then dropped her off to have dinner with a few friends, Cooked dinner, showered, and bed. Ben picked up Ella on his way home from practicing at the course. 

Thursday, September 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Had the house pressure washed, then met Ben for lunch and then to the Mall of Georgia for returns and Ella HOCO shoes. 

Picked Ella up at 5pm, Boys were at the course, dinner, and bed. But we did get Ella packed for her to leave for FFA Regional Rally on Friday. 

Friday, September 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus. Kids to school. Then I met Talia for lunch and shopping to celebrate her birthday. I finally got home around 4:30. Ella made it to the FFA Camp, Ian went to Kathryn's house, Ben got home and we went to Top Dawg for dinner. 

Look at my girl at FFA Camp. 

Saturday, September 10th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Finished my Book. Boys went to the course. I picked up Ian's boutonniere and Kathryn's Corsage. 
Then I picked up Ella from school when they returned from camp, picked up LB to help Ella get ready for HOCO! 

Right at 5, we parted ways. Ben went with Ian and I went with Ella for pictures. 

Let's start with Ella's pictures. #freshman 

Now onto Ian and Kathryn's pictures. 

Ella and Taylor had dinner reservations at Latin Flavors at 6:15 so me, Addison, and LB went to French Quarters for dinner. Then Ian and Kathryn had dinner reservations at 7:15. Bem met us, had dinner, so the girls joined us for dessert. Then Ian, Kathryn, Ella, and Taylor headed to HOCO. While me, Ben, LB, and Addison headed home to wait for them... 

My 2 with the HOCO Queen. 

Ian and Kathryn got home after going to McDonald's for a milkshake and Taylor's mom dropped off Ella a little after 11. The girls went all chatty in Ella's room, while Ian took Kathryn home. Ella fell asleep by midnight while LB and Addison came downstairs to talk to me and Ian! 

They watched TV and I literally crawled to bed. I was EXHAUSTED! 

Sunday, September 11th- 

A quiet morning, Ben went to the course, while the girls and Ian slept in.  When everyone got up, the kids went to Starbucks and to pick up Kathryn. Ian worked on school work, Ella cleaned her room after the girls left, I did all the housework, laundry, blogging, amd getting ready for the week. 

But look at these sweet girls...

Cheers to a new work. 


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