Our Week with our Anniversary, Straight Hair, and a Golf Tournament.

 Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! I am recapping our week and weekend. 

Monday, September 19th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I had a 9:20 dentist appointment and then had lunch with Leigh Anne to start planning her 50th birthday party! 

I came home to work in the craft room and started working on an email program to send emails to Etsy customers if they chose to sign up for my email list. Well y'all I screwed it up and somehow messed up the blog for a little while. It was AWFUL and I am not tech savy. I was so stressed. 

I picked up Ella, worked on the dang email program again, took her to YL, then came home to make sure I had it fixed and I did. 

Ian picked up Ella from YL on his way home from Kathryn's. Once we were all in we crashed. 

Day 7 of my SENIOR ( I forgot to add to my last weekly recap! 

Tuesday, September 20th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. Day 9 of my SENIOR 

Dogs to groomer and I went to volunteer at our churches OutReach program until the groomer called that they were ready to be picked up.  got home, ate lunch, worked at my computer. Picked up Ella, did a few things around the house. Then Ben and I went to Latin Flavors to celebrate our anniversary! 19 years y'all! 

 Look at us...Just babies. 

Wednesday, September 21st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Duke had a vet appointment at 9am. Then I dropped him off back at home. I met my mom and sister for lunch then my sister and I went to visit our grandmother. 

I picked up Ella and then we chilled for the evening. It was amazing. 

Day 10 of my SENIOR. 

Thursday, September 22nd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. I had a hair appointment at 10. I was there until 1:30! But they did blow my hair out straight! 

When it was time I picked up Ella from school, her and I chilled at home while the boys went to the course! 
Then it was dinner, showers, and bed. 

Friday, September 23rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, kids to school. Then I got ready and headed to my first Pickleball class. Y'all it was so much FUN! 

Then I headed to WW. I haven't been in a month and I needed to kick my butt in gear. Y'all I was only up 0.4. I was SHOCKED! 

Then I ran through Trader Joe's and Publix. Got everything put up, chilled for a minute before I went to pick up Ella, dropped her off at a friend's, came home did a clean sweep of the house, the boys got home, we ordered Barberitos, and enjoyed a quiet night. 

Saturday, September 24th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys went to PGA Superstore, then we headed to Ian's golf tournament. While Ella was still hanging out with Addison. 

It was a great day on the course....

Ian ended in 3rd place. 

We got home around 7pm and had Marco's pizza delivered. Kathryn came to hang out with Ian and we waited for Ella to get home. 

Sunday, September 25th- 

I meal prepped for the week. Enjoyed my coffee and Jesus time. The boys headed back to the course for round 2 of Ian's tournament. Ella and I hung out at home getting ready for the week. Then we headed to the annual Young Life Banquet. 

Ben kept me updated through out Ian's round. 

Boys got home and then the girls got home around 8:30. Showers and bed. 

It was National Daughters Day so I posted this picture of me and my mini! 


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