Happy Thanksgiving | 24 Reasons I am Thankful this Month.

 HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y'ALL! I hope you all have a fantastic day with family and friends! 

I am going to share 24 reasons that I am thankful this month! One thing from each day of November thus far....

November 1st- 

I had a schedule mammogram, got the results later that afternoon and they were CLEAR! 

November 2nd- 

I started decorating for CHRISTMAS!! 

November 3rd- 

I had lunch with my Ian Michael. Man I am going to miss our lunch dates next year when he goes off to college. 

November 4th- 

We went to Conyer's LAST high school football game. We have enjoyed following him. Ben went to a lot more games than I did but I did enjoy the games I attended. I can't believe his HS football career is over. 

November 5th- 

Georgia brought home a WIN! Go Dawgs

November 6th- 

Ian won his golf tournament. Go Bubs! 

November 7th- 

Lunch with Talia after my post op appointment. 

November 8th- 

Date night at PF Changs. 

November 9th- 

Got lots marked off the To-Do list and that always makes me thankful. 

November 10th- 

Taught a Charcuterie Board Class at The Oasis. 

November 11th- 

Breakfast with Dixie. 

November 12th- 

Ben and Ian played in The Blazer Cup and Georgia got another W! 

November 13th- 

Mom's CT and MRI showed NO STROKE. 

November 14th- 

The boys and Kathryn helped me put out the outside Christmas lights. 

November 15th- 

Friendsgiving at The Oasis. 

November 16th- 

We had dinner JUST THE 4 of us. Y'all it's been awhile since just the 4 of us sat around the table. I am not complaining at all but it was great just to be with my people. 

November 17th- 

Happy Hour at Legends. 

November 18th- 

Family pictures at Legends. 

November 19th- 

Leigh Anne's 50th Birthday party at Legends. 

November 20th- 

Thanksgiving at Kathy's (Ben's aunt) 

November 21st- 

NyQuil because this mom felt like crap. 

November 22nd- 

Finally feeling normal and getting back into my routine. 

November 23rd- 

Nail salon with my favorite girl. 

November 24th- 

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Friends and Family. 

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