Monthly Goals | November 2022

Well Hello....I went a little MIA for a hot minute. Life got busy and this little space got put on the back burner. Sorry about that. 

It's a new month and that means NEW GOALS! 


1. Figure out a Weight Loss Tacking System:

I was previously on WW. I was not loving the new plan. I love when I was on the Blue Plan a few years ago. I have heard rumors that they are rolling out a different plan this month. But either way, I have to figure out something for myself.

2. Finish Decorating for Christmas:

I started decorating on November 1st. It has taken me a little longer this year because I am going through every bin and donating what I haven't used in years and have no plan to use anymore. 

3. Teach a Charcuterie Board Class: 

I mentioned before that our church started an outreach program and I am teaching a charcuterie board class. I am a little nervous but really excited. 

4. Celebrate Leigh Anne's 50th Birthday:

I am helping Leigh Anne's husband throw her a 50th Birthday party. I am so excited! 


1. Celebrate Thanksgiving:

We love getting together with family this time of year. We have 3 family celebrations planned this year. 

2. Golf Tournaments:

Ian is playing in 3 tournaments this month, Ben is playing in 2 golf tournaments, and together they are playing in 1. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Gift Guides. 

I love when other bloggers share their gift guides so I am excited to share mine this year.

2. Wrapping Paper Cart. 

I have a place for all of my regular wrapping paper but it is not large enough for Christmas wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows, ribbon, boxes, etc. so I have found a way to make a Christmas wrapping paper cart and I am excited to share with y'all. 

3. Charcuterie Board Favorites. 

I mentioned earlier that I am teaching a charcuterie board class and I am going to share my favorite essentials. 

4. 24 Reasons to be Thankful. 

With Thanksgiving approaching, I want to share 24 reasons to be Thankful this month leading up to thanksgiving day. 

Oh My Glitter:

1. Run a Sale. 

Make sure to check out the shop and shop early. 

I love these months of the year. I hope its a mix of family time and productive. 

Let's see how I did in October. 


✘. Keep Tracking and Keep Losing. Y'all know I am back on WW so I plan to keep on losing weight and keep on tracking. 

✔. Have Surgery. This one I will keep y'all posted on. 


. Boys Trip to Valdosta. The boys are heading to Valdosta for a college visit and them to Sawgrass for a golf round. 

. Ella get her Learner's Permit. Y'all I can't..... someone send all the prayers and wine! HA 

. Enjoy Fall Break. We have 6 school days off for Fall Break and we have plans to enjoy them. 

. President's Trip. Ben and I leave at the end of the month for Scottsdale, AZ for his companies annual trip and we are so excited to visit somewhere new. 

My Glittery Heart:

1. Fall Porch. Our porch is getting an upgrade this week and I can't wait to share with y'all. 

. Favorite Dessert. October 14th is National Dessert Day and I hope to share my favorite dessert.

Oh My Glitter

. As is Sale. Y'all I have lots of already made glasses and I need to clear the shelves. 

Now let me share a few pictures...

It was a great month!! 

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