Our Week with A Friendsgiving, Family Pictures, and a 50th Birthday Celebration.

Hey Y'all! How is your week going so far? Are y'all ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow? 

I am recapping November 14th-20th. 

Monday, November 14th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, and then I went back to the hospital to be with my mom. Ben played in a USAM. 

Once we figured out everything with mom, my sister and I headed home and she was later released from the hospital. She had a crazy case of vertigo. Which she started outpatient therapy to help get those crystals lined back up. 

We had buffalo chicken wraps for dinner and called it a day. 

Tuesday, November 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, and Ben went to play in the second round of his USAM. It was horrible weather and he didn't play all that well. :( 

I went to a Friendsgiving at The Oasis (our churches outreach program) 

For the privacy of anyone who comes to The Oasis, I am only posting our decorations. 

In one of our workshops, we made these cute pumpkins. 

Everyone got home, I did a little bit of work, had dinner, and crashed. 

Wednesday, November 16th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. Then I did all the things around the house.... 

But look at this sweet face during my quiet time. 

 We went to Legends for dinner. Got home and crashed. 

Thursday, November 17th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. I had a hair appointment at 9am and then all the things to finish getting ready for Leigh Anne's 50th Birthday Party. 

Ella had her FFA competition, Ian went to dinner with Kathryn, so Ben and I went to Happy Hour at Legends. 

We picked up Ella from her school when they returned from the competition. 

Another night of us all getting home and crashing. 

Friday, November 18th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. I did all the finishing touches for the party and then got ready to pick up the desserts and grab Ella from school to head to Legends for family pictures. 

Here is a sneak peak....

I love them. 

We got home, ate Chicken Tortilla Soup, and snuggled up to watch The Christmas Story Christmas. It was cute. Of course no the OG! 

Ian said "Mom, can you take my temperature?" I  knew that wasn't a good sign. He had a low grade temp. 

We crashed early. but before we went to bed, Ian decided to withdrawal from his golf tournament because he knew he didn't feel well. 

Saturday, November 19th- 

Ian woke up with a fever, Ben went to the golf course, and Ella slept in. She had Laney Brook over. I went to Legends to meet the balloon girls and do work on last minute touches for the party. 

I went home for a hot minute to check on the sick boy and get myself ready for the party. 

Then back to Legends for the party. 

We got home late and crashed. 

Sunday, November 20th- 

Coffee and all the things to get ready for our first Thanksgiving celebration. We got to Ben's aunt, Kathy's, right at 1PM. 

We had so much fun visiting with family. but we were missing our boy. He was still running a fever. We got home around 5:30 and all curled up on the couch because this mama was starting to feel yucky. I took a big dose of NyQuil and was asleep by 8pm. 

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