Monthly Goals | January 2023

Happy Friday Y'all! I can't believe we are going into the first weekend of 2023! Crazy!! I am sharing my monthly goals today and in case you missed my yearly goals, you can read them here. 

J A N U A R Y 


1. Lose Weight: I am getting back on track and my goal this month is to get into a routine and lose weight even if it is just a pound.  

2. Celebrate 43: I turn 43 on Monday and my day will be spent at the spa and my evening will be spent watching the DAWGS winning another National Championship. 🤞

3. Sea Island with Ben: Ben is playing in 2 golf tournaments this month and I am tagging along! I am so excited! It also includes another spa day :) 

4. Clean Out/Organize List: Check off 8-10 items off the list. I have compiled a master list of things that need to be updated/fixed, cleaned, cleaned out, and organized throughout the house. I hope to get several items checked off the list this month. 

5. Delete 1,000 pictures from my Phone: My phone currently has 10,703 photos on it. That is insane and ridiculous. 

6. Golf Season: Get everything ready for the upcoming golf season. Ella's freshman year and Ian's senior year. I do a lot of the communication with the parents so I am adding this to a monthly goal because it takes a lot of work. 


1. Get Back into a Routine: The kids go back to school on Monday and then they are off the following Monday for MLK. I feel like we will just be getting back into our routine and then another day off. 😬 Obviously my kids are older and it is easier for them to go with the flow but a routine is good to have! 

2. Ella- Attend SharpTop: Ella is loving Young Life and she finally gets to attend a camp. She is so excited! 

3. Ian- Golf: Get Ian signed up for a few tournaments and go on a couple of college visits. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Celebrate 7 Years: I can't believe I am celebrating 7 years of this little space. I still remember when it was just a dream. 

2. Share what I started again: Again I am back on my health journey and I hope to share a few ideas. 

3. Share favorite workout items: I have several items that I love and I hope to share with y'all. 

4. Share a day in the life: Sometimes I feel like I will bore y'all to death with a day in the life post but they are some of my favorite to read so I am going to share just the ordinary me. 

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Introduce a new product: EEK. This product has been brewing in my head for over a year and I am FINALLY putting it out in the world. I am freaking out. 

2. Run another sale: Host another sale for ready to ship items. 

Let's see how I did last month.....


✘. Clean out make up and bathroom cabinets: Y'all they are both out of control and they need some TLC! 

. Clean out and Organize Jewelry: My jewelry drawers and holders need LOTS of TLC. 

✔. Host Annual Wine Tasting/Ornament Exchange: I love this tradition and I have a few fun goodies for the girls this year! 

. Christmas Shop: I have started shopping but I have a lot to get accomplished before all of our Christmas festivities. 


. Enjoy Disney/Ian's National Championship: We love both Disney and watching Ian play golf so it has to be a Win/Win, right? 

. Celebrate All The Christmas': It's the most wonderful time of year and all the celebrations are so much fun! 

. Atlanta Botanical Gardens: We are so excited to go back once again to the botanical gardens to see all the lights. 

My Glittery Heart: 

. Share Bar Carts: This month I hope to share the Christmas and NYE bar carts. 

. Gift Guides: I have 2 more gift guides that I really want to share. 

. Wrapping Paper Cart: This one is going to be so fun, I just have to do the work. 

. Christmas Decor: This years' decor is very minimal and simple. 

. Christmas Cocktail: I love a good cocktail and I hope to share a new one this month. 

Oh My Glitter: 

. Continue Sale: I am continuing my "ready to ship" sale. 

Here are several photos from the month. 

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