My FAVORITE Items to Pack for Any Trip....

Happy Friday Y'all! Ben and I are waking up in beautiful Sea Island, GA. He is playing in 2 USAM tours and I get to ride along! 

Today is a one day tournament and then tomorrow and Sunday is a 2 day tournament. He had a practice round yesterday. Today, I am enjoying The Island Day Spa and tomorrow and Sunday I will ride in the cart with Ben. 

So let me share what I use to pack all my stuff for EVERY trip we go on no matter the destination or length of the trip!

Why did this take me so long to get on the packing list cube train???

I also have these from Erin Condren. 

T W O: Make Up Bag 

This is a fantastic travel bag for your cosmetics and make up! It is pricey but IMO it's so WORTH it. 

T H R E E: Suitcase

Even on just weekend trips, I will usually use my large suitcase so I don't have to pack in multi bags. 

F O U R: Airpods

I love my airpods and always keep them with me so I can listen to music or podcast no matter where I am 

F I V E:  iPad

I take it everywhere. We always have to be able to work right, huh?! HA 

What do you pack for EVERY vacation?? 

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