Our Week with 4th of July, A Pool Day, and A Date Night

Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! I am back with another recap! I am recapping July 3rd-9th! 

Monday, July 2nd- 

We started a slow morning at the lake and then all the matching bathing suits. I hated taking these pictures because I am no where I need to be or where I want to be so I just see the bad in me but Ella and Kathryn see the love that I give them and love me for me so that's why I am sharing the pictures. 

Peep Bailey on her tippy toes. 

Off the kids went on the their own. 

The kids came back not as happy, one boy aka Ian Michael was a little cocky driving and made the girls nervous and they wouldn't go back out with him. 

So these girls curled up on the couch for a nap. 

Then we went to watch fireworks. 

We got back and crashed. Well trying to sleep with 2 dogs freaking out with the fireworks. 

Tuesday, July 4th- 

We started getting ready to head home but we took Brett out to wakeboard. 

Bailey had some friends over for the day and me and my gang left at different times. My Co-Captain was so helpful! HA 

We got home and unpacked and Trixie wanted in the bed to wait for her daddy. 

Ben got home and then went to pick up El Real for dinner! We took showers and crashed! But again, we 2 dogs freaking out with the fireworks. 

Wednesday, July 5th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Super slow morning, Ride on the Peloton- look who has Peloton rides!! 

I went to run a few errands to Publix, Hobby Lobby, and Target. I did all the laundry and got my planner set up for the next few weeks!! 

Spaghetti for dinner, dishes, showers, and bed. 

Thursday, July 6th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then it was off to WW. 

Somehow I was down a pound. 

I ran my car through the car wash and vacuumed it out. Then it was home to check emails, blog, and clean out the fridge. 

I ran Ella to LB's because they were having a girls night for the release of TS's album.

Got home made fajitas for my guys, cleaned up the kitchen, took a bath, and then bed. 

Friday, June 7th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then went to pick up Ella and headed to the pool to meet Dixie and Ava. 

We got home, got ready, Ian went to Kathryn's for dinner, Ava came to pick up Ella for them to go to dinner, while Ben and I meet Dixie, Keith, and Turtle at Top Dawg for dinner and Brandon. 

Ben was in heaven. Smoking a cigar and listening to Brandon Conway! 

We got home and went to bed! 

Saturday, July 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys went to the golf course. The girls slept until 1:30. I enjoyed my quiet morning and got some work done around the house. 

Ella and Ava ended up going to the Mall of Georgia for a little bit while Ian hung out around the course and played an extra 18 holes. 

Ben and I got ready and headed to a wedding reception. The couple got married in a private ceremony back in December and finally had a party! 

The kids got home at different times and then Ben and I got home around 11. We CRASHED! 

Sunday, July 9th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ian headed to Legends while Ben headed to play in a USAM Tour Tournament. 

Ella slept in and I met Ian and Kathryn at the pool after Ian's round of golf. They didn't stay very long so I enjoyed my wine and book alone!! 

Ben sent us this picture!! He WON!! 

I picked up El Real again for dinner. Napped on and off for the evening, cleaned up, set the coffee, and crashed!! 

Another Great Week! 

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