Our Week Pool Dates, the Lake, and an Engagement.

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I am recapping last week and weekend!! 

Monday, July 24th- 

Coffee and went with Ian to the doctor to get another shot and bloodwork for college. Then it was home to finish the craft room, laundry, start orders, schedule a pick up, and then relax on the couch. Look who joined me for a little chit chat! 

Tuesday, July 25th- 

I was up early and at an 8am dentist appointment, I ran a few errands, and then home. We just enjoyed a slow afternoon. Later that day, I realized it was 5 months until Christmas when AMC was playing Christmas movies.... 

I read a few chapters in my book and crashed. 

Wednesday, July 26th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and then Ella and I were up and out the door for our 9am hair appointments. We went to lunch afterwards, dropped off an article to get framed, and then went to the Mall of Georgia for Ella to find some back to school clothes and she FOUND NOTHING! Why is shopping with a 15 year old girl so HARD???? 

We got home and Ian headed to the golf course, (His truck was in the shop so he didn't have a way to the course) I ordered groceries to be delivered since I didn't have a car. We had tacos for dinner and called it a night when Ian got home. 

Thursday, July 27h- 

Coffee and Jesus. I skipped WW. Enjoyed a slow morning and then around 12 I headed to the pool with Ian, Kathryn, her sister, and 2 of her kiddos. We had such a fun day! 

After they left, I grabbed my Kindle, a glass of wine, and enjoyed a quiet minute to myself. 

Later I was scrolling IG and look what is returning.... 

I know what I will be rewatching while working in the craft room! 

We got home, showered, cooked dinner, and crashed. 

Friday, July 29th- 

Coffee, Jesus, a little reading, cleaned up the laundry closet, laundry, cleaned out the Tupperware cabinet, cleaned my make up brushes, then got ready and headed to Ella's Open house. While I was working away, look at these girls. Tuesday is going to be rough for Ella Marie. 

After Open House, I dropped Ella off at Addison's house for them to head to the lake for the weekend. 

I went to pick up Ian at Legend's. We went to pick up his truck and that was a MESS! I will spare y'all that disaster. 

Got home, ate leftovers for dinner, while Ian went to play pickle ball with Kathryn and her dad! 

Saturday, July 29th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the course, did a few things around the house, and then got ready and headed to the pool with Talia, Leigh Anne, and Colleen. Ben met us there after golf, Ian went back out to play 9 more holes. We got home and just chilled while Ian went to dinner and bowling with Kathryn and her family. 
I got these pictures from Stephanie of the girls at the lake. 

Meeting boys at the lake and hanging out in the cove. 

Later that evening, I got a facetime call from our Bailey Anne and she is ENGAGED! I am so excited for her and Matt and can't wait to start planning showers and a wedding!!!!! I have know for months and that was the HARDEST secret to keep! 


I waited for Ian to get home and crashed! 

Sunday, July 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the course, and I read, worked around the house, and then headed to Susanne's pool for a little bit! 
Got home, showered, napped, and then laundry, gathered trash and recycling, golf tournament stuff, meal planned, blogged, and set up my planner for this week!! 

Cheers to a new week and back to school. 

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