Our Week with Shopping, Packing, and Santa Rosa!

Hey Y''all! Happy Wednesday!! How is your week going so far? It's hard to believe that in 2 weeks it will be Ella's 2nd day of school! I can't even y'all!! I need a longer summer!! But I am back with another recap of last week! 

Monday, July 10th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then Ella, Kathryn, and I met Grammy at The Forum for the girls to get LuLu Lemon shorts and tanks for the beach! We went to lunch, nail appointment, and then to Target where LB was dropped off to us! 

We got home unloaded, I worked on a blog post, cooked dinner, and Addison arrived for the evening. 

Ian made me snap this picture of him and asked who he looked like....

Anyone else see Joe Dirt?? 

After dinner, I cleaned the kitchen, showered, and fell into bed. 

Tuesday, July 11th- 

Coffee and Jesus. 

Then all the things to get ready to head out of town for 5 days. 

Wednesday, July 12th- 

We were up and ready to head to Santa Rosa by 7am. In Ben's truck it was me, Ben, Colleen, and both pups. In my Expedition, it was Ian, Kathryn, Ella, and Brett. 

Look at Trixie....She couldn't get settled and was trying to sleep. She was driving her daddy crazy with all her movement. 

2 hours later she was still awake! 

We got to the house we were staying in for the rest of the week around 12:45 CT. We unpacked, walked down to the beach, went to the liquor store, and Publix. 

Got home unloaded groceries and then I snapped all of these pictures of the house. 

The house we were staying in belongs to Tom and Linda Baumbach. Ben's aunt and uncle have owned their own house cleaning company for 30+ years and The Baumbach's are one of their current clients. 
Tom actually was the President of Dynetics INC., who helped put one of the Lunar Landers on the moon and  his company designed the "tire pressure" gauges on all the new cars. Ian's truck is currently in the shop with a sunroof issue and 3 "tire pressure" sensors. HA 

Their house was AMAZING! 

Ruff time traveling!! 

We grilled burgers and brats for dinner! Cleaned up, chilled, and went to bed. 

Thursday, July 13th- 

Coffee and Jesus. 

started off as a fantastic day.....

Everything taste so much better at the beach! 

It was cloudy but we still sat out by the pool. 

The Princess herself. 

It down poured for most of the afternoon and we started The Ranch again on Netflix. Ate lunch and just chilled. 

Look at these sweet pups. 

We got ready and headed to Mimmo's for dinner! 

Got back, watched more of The Ranch, and crashed. 

Friday, July 14th- 

Look how our morning started....

By 11:08, it was still RAINING!! 

By 1Pm- the rain had stopped and these 2 were out fishing. 

Look what Brett caught but Ian needed a picture. 

We all walked down to the beach and look at the "lagoon" from the day before... 

The sand washed away from all the rain and went straight to the ocean. 

We got back to the house and hung out by the pool. 

Cooked a quick mexican for dinner and then went to drive go karts. But of course we wore matching shirts that Kelly and Tommy made... 

Kathryn and Brett were brave enough to ride this craziness. 

On the way home, we stopped for ice cream and then called it a night!! 

Saturday, July 15th- 

Up early and picked up donuts for our favorite people...

Grabbed a picture of Ian and Kathryn in there matching bathing suits. Ella and Brett had the same ones but I couldn't get Ella up!! 

By 9:30, we were on the beach for our one SUNNY day! 

Brett our fisherman. 

The community pool. 

Our ride to lunch at GoatFeathers. 

Kathryn and I shared this plate! YUMMY! 

Look we got home just in time for RAIN!! 

Which meant GREAT naps! 

These 2 plus Ian worked on this typewriter lego all the days! 

We grilled steaks, shrimp, and grouper for our last dinner! Kathryn and I cleaned up and I settled in to watch more of The Ranch before I started snoring. HA

Sunday, July 16th-

Up early, ready, packed, and ready to hit the road! We got home around 5pm, unpacked, started laundry, and crashed. 

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