Our Week with My Sister turning 50, Cute Pool Dates, and The Lake.

Hey Y'all! I was hoping July would bring back my regular blogging schedule but as you can see that hasn't happened so far! I am enjoying summer with all of my people! 

Monday, June 26th- 

I was up early for Ian and Kathryn to head to Myrtle Beach to be with her family. Ben left for work super early, as well. So by 5:45am, I was sitting in my chair drinking coffee and enjoying the silence. We all know Ella wasn't going to be up for hours! 

I went to the grocery store to get a few things for the week and lasagnas to take for my sisters birthday dinner. 
By 5:45, we were headed to my nephews for my sisters 50th birthday dinner celebration and look who was my driver. We were jamming to TSwift with the windows downs. 

Love this sweet sister of mine!

On our way home, we stopped by The Boswells to finalize lake plans! I sent this picture to Bailey of me and Callie!!

We got home and crashed! 

Tuesday, June 27th- 

We were up and at the pool around 10am with my favorite little dudes. 

Easton, Ryker, and Hunter. 

Ella loves her Daniel. 

Hunter finally mastered the waterslide this year!! 

Ryker went down once and said not again! HA 

Poolin' it is just exhausting! HA 

Sweet Daniel! 

We headed to the Braves game that evening! 

Pizza the size of Ella! 

Laney Brooke and Ella 

Great Seats that Ella found! 

Trying to get a ball. 

This little boy was in heaven talking to the girls!! 

Rosario threw LB Acuna's home run ball! 

Wednesday, June 28th- 

I had a hair appointment at 8:30 then it was home to start getting stuff ready for the lake before the girls woke up and wanted to go to the pool. We hurried home and I got ready to head to dinner with Susanne! It was a great girls night out! Ella went to play pickle ball with Bailey and Brett! While Ben watched Black List! He is addicted to that show! 

Thursday, June 29th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and WW.  I was up a pound! I'm not surprised! This summer it has been hard to stay within my points. 

After WW, It was all the errands- ATM, Amazon returns, Gas, Turtle Creek, and Goodwill! Then it was home to pack and get the house ready to leave it for 5 days. 

We left for the lake around 3pm. We met LA and Brett at Striplings for our favorite burgers and steaks to grill. 

We got to The Boswell's lake house around 6:20 and then it was all the unpacking and getting settled in! Then around 8pm look who was our captain. 

He's pretty handsome, huh! We love our Brett! 

Wine on a boat just taste better! 

We got back to the house and just chilled!! 

Friday, June 30th- 

Slow morning of coffee and Jesus. Boat rides and waiting for the rest of our crew to arrive. Rob got their first and we grilled burgers for dinner. 

Then Matt arrived around 8:15 and Ben and Bailey arrived shortly afterwards. We were passing time by talking and waiting for Ian and Kathryn to arrive from the beach taking pictures! 

Ian and Kathryn got there a little after 10pm. 

We all talked for a minute and then CRASHED!! 

Saturday, July 1st- 

Coffee and Jesus! By 10:30am, we were out on the boat! 

Brett, Ian, Matt, and Bailey. 

Brett and Ian. 

Brett, Ian, Kathryn, and Ella. 

Kathryn and Ella 

Can you see Ian on top of the girls??  He hopped over there from the other tube and then went back. 

Brett and Matt. 

We were back and feeding everyone lunch around 12 before Matt had to leave. 

Ian loves fishing at the lake. 

Just floatin'

We played in the water for the better part of the day, grilled steaks for dinner, and then busted out the Wii. 

Sunday, July 2nd- 

We enjoyed sleeping in, had breakfast, and then headed to The Smith's lake house for Ella to see Addison and Laney Brooke. 

We got back to The Boswell's, ate lunch, and right back on the water. 

By 6pm, We were back in and Ian talked Leigh Anne into cutting his hair. 

Oh Brett and Ben....these 2 are 2 peas in a pod. 

Bailey and Kathryn played the Wii. 

Sweet LuLu! 

Brett rally does love Trixie. 

The girls were cracking us up playing the Wii. 

Look at all that hair that LA cut off. 

We had grilled chicken for dinner and then a crazy stormed rolled in. We picked up everything really quickly. 

Do you see the lightening bolt?? 

The kids crashed early and then the adults headed to bed. 

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