Our Week with Ian's Birthday, 2 Vendor Events, and a Megan Moroney concert.

Hey Y'all! Happy Wednesday!! I hope your week is going well. I am recapping last week and this past weekend! 

Monday, December 4th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella went to school. I went to Publix. Ian helped me unload groceries. Then he headed back to college because he didn't have class on Monday morning. I got everything put up, started laundry, and then came to my craft room to work on a few blog post. When I am working on the computer, I always split my screen so I can watch a movie as I type. Well I finished one Christmas movie and then another just started and I didn't see the name of the movie but then I looked up and recognized this restaurant in LaGrange. (Ben and I ate at this restaurant while we were there with Ian for orientation.) 

Karvelas is our favorite wing and pizza place in LaGrange. 

Do you see our Bailey?? She is in the corner on the left. She said they filmed until 3AM. 

Do you see her again??  Bailey is on the right in this scene. 

The rest of the day was spent finishing laundry. I cooked baked potatoes and paninis for dinner and we all just enjoyed a chilled evening. 

Tuesday, December 5th- Ian's 19th Birthday

Coffee, Jesus, Ella went to school and I left around 8:30 to head to LaGrange to have lunch with Ian for his birthday. I didn't think it was going to work out that I could go have lunch with him but I am so glad that it worked out!! 

I picked Ian up from his dorm a little before 11am. We went to have lunch at Karvela's with Bailey and Matt. 

I started heading home a little after 12. On my way home, I stopped at the vinyl store and Ben's office. I waited for him to finish a few things and then him and I headed to Bass Pro Shop. I got several new clothing items. We headed home, dropped off my car at home, let the dogs potty, then him and I headed to have dinner at Latin Flavors with one of his sales reps, Turtle. We got home and Bailey sent us these pictures. She celebrated our boy so big and I am so thankful for her. 

Wednesday, December 6th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Ella went to school. Ian headed home because he didn't have class on Wednesday or Thursday. I had a hair appointment and an eyebrow touch up appointment. I got home around 5 and Taco Soup was already cooked in the crockpot!! 

Cleaned up the kitchen, a load of laundry, showered, and chilled. 

Thursday, December 7th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Ella to school, Then I headed to The Oasis to make Friendship Soup. On my way home, I grabbed lunch for Ian and I after I ran into Publix again. I got home and worked on the neverending to do list, and I can't remember what I cooked for dinner. 😏 I did photograph this years Christmas decor and got that blog post typed up and loved on these 2 girls. 

Friday, December 8th- 

Ian left a little after 5AM to head to LaGrange to take a final. Ben left with him to head to the office. I set my alarm for 7 and then Ella and I got up to start our days. Coffee, Jesus, and she headed to school. I enjoyed a slow morning and Ian was already to Legends by 10:45 to eat and play golf. He called me and he realized that he forgot this belt so I met him to give him it then I came home to get busy getting everything together for a vendor event. 

Packed up my car and was headed to the event a little after 4. 

Still loving this shacket. 

The event was from 6-9pm and Leigh Anne and Bailey came to see me. Bailey snapped this picture of me and my table. 

I got home, showered, and crashed. 

Saturday, December 9th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then I left the house at 11am to pick up chick fil a and to get gas. I headed to my next vendor event. I was right next to Bailey. 

Of course a Frenchie came through. His name was Frank and I was obsessed. He was so CUTE!! 

The event was over at 5PM. I packed up, picked up Zaxby's for dinner, built a fire, and poured a glass of wine. 

I crawled into bed after my fire went out. 

Sunday, December 10th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ben and I got ready, went to breakfast, took Hunter his birthday gift, and then came home to chill for about 45 minutes. We headed to pick up the girls and Stephanie to head to Maggiano's for an early dinner. We dropped the 4 of them off at The Buckhead Theater at 5:15 because they had tickets for the Megan Moroney VIP experience. 

Hunter loved his truck.  He told me at Thanksgiving that he wanted a blue dually truck. It was just a bonus that it had a gooseneck trailer. Later that evening, Candace text me that Hunter said "I'm so glad they got that for me because I've really been wanting one" Sweet boy. 

After dinner at Maggiano's. 

It was freezing but they didn't want to hang onto coats all night so someone was kind enough to let them use their blanket while waiting outside to get in. 

Y'all I think they are still on cloud 9 after meeting her. They said she was so SWEET!! 

They got autographs, Megan sang 4 acoustic songs, Q & A (Ella asked her for a curly hair tutorial), and special merch. 

Front row for VIP Experience and the concert. 

The girls and Stephanie made MM IG. See them right there in the front. She held LB's hand while she was singing and I thought the girls were going to lose their minds. 

While they were at the concert, Ben and I headed to the Red Phone Booth. 

Where Keith, Dixie, Drew, and Haley met us. 

Had to take pictures in the red phone booth on the way out. 

Y'all it was so COLD and WINDY! look at our hair. 

We picked the girls up a little after 11PM, dropped off Stephanie, Addison, and LB, and got home a little after midnight. Where we quickly CRASHED! 

Monday morning came really FAST! But all the fun was worth the struggle bus. 

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