5th Grade Graduation

Y'all I can't even believe I am typing this post......

My BABY graduated from 5th grade this past Friday!!

Ian only has 3 days of elementary school left.... I can't even handle it!! I have an almost middle schooler! I mean I am going to blink and he is going to be graduating from high school!!
I am tearing up just thinking about it!!

But on a positive note, the 5th graders had a wonderful graduation ceremony and I only cried a few times!!!

Ian and Timmy before School
Timmy leaves across the street! They have been buddies since they could walk!

Walking into the Gym! 

He wouldn't look at us to save his life:)

You can always find Ian-Generally one of the tallest in his class

Ian and 4 other 5th graders lead the 'Pledge of Allegiance'

Look I got a SMILE :)

Waiting for his named to be called to get his awards!

Look at my handsome boy! 

Running out of the spotlight!

Getting his metal for Merit Roll

The YES Patriots Graduating  Class of 2016

Singing their Class Song- please look at Ian- looking down and NOT singing!

Congrats 5th Graders! 

Ian was so surprised that Eric came to his graduation!! 

Ian and Eric

Our big 5th grader! 

Ian and Tonya (my sister)

Ian and Grandma Deb! 

Grammy and Grandaddy made it to his graduation but I didn't get a picture because Grammy had to rush back to work:(

We are so proud of you Ian Michael!! We can't wait to see what you will accomplish in the future! 
We celebrated his Graduation with Chick-fil-a for lunch and Menchie's for dessert!! 

I can't believe come August 1st, he will be starting middle school! 

I swear it was just a few months ago and I was bringing him home from the hospital!!

Love you to the moon and back Ian!!

xoxo, Heather 


  1. I can't even!! I am already prepping for this in my mind and I have two years until it happens!! What a handsome (and tall) young man!! Congrats Ian!

    1. Thank you, Leigh!! I still can't wrap my mind around it!! Tomorrow the 5th graders get to do their final walk around the school...I already know I will be a MESS!!

  2. Congrats to Ian, I know you all are so proud! Such a handsome young man - he'll rock middle school!

    1. Thank you Erica! He has come leaps and bounds in the past few years!