Weekend Recap & Monthly Goals

How was your weekend?

We had a busy but fun weekend!

Ben played in a golf tournament Friday and Saturday!

I finished up a few orders, Ella played with the neighbor's girls, 
and Ian did this...

We went to a family BBQ Saturday evening to celebrate Keith's Birthday!

(Keith is the one in green-He is turning the big 4-0)

The newly engaged couple!! 
Congrats Chris and Kim~

Sunday, we went to Church and 
Lunch with Tonya, Cory, Melissa, Amber, David, Hannah, and Adalie!!

Adalie was a hoot! I tried my hardest to get her to take a picture with Ella!

We left lunch to head back to church 
and my sister text me these pictures of Miss. Priss!

She was "modeling"

Tonya bribed her with a quarter!
Little Turkey:)

Then back to church for a luau!
and boy was this a hoot!
Ben stopped at the Dollar Tree to pick up the boys grass skirts, leis', and coconut  tops:)

They were real bummed about the outfits:)

Oh what crazy boys!!

Brett is hilarious!
He wanted to wear his coconuts without a shirt;) 

Of course, the girls wanted a picture!
Ella and McKinley Mae!

That was our weekend! 
Busy, but lots of FUN!

Well it's May! 
I can't even believe I am typing that!

So new month, new goals....well kinda of:)

Let's look at my April Goals:

I did not finish all of Aprils Goals, so I am going to let them carry over to May:)
It's been a crazy busy month and May is not looking much better!

I did finish Spring Cleaning, but 3 weeks later you would never know!

I did not get my plants potted (I plan to do that after the house gets pressure washed)

I did not get the house pressure washed or the decks painted and stained!
I thought the pollen was never going to go away this year!
So that task is moving onto May!:0

I did not get the carpets cleaned (same reason why the house didn't get pressure washed-POLLEN)
However, this task will probably be put on hold till the kids go back to school!

I did add a lot of items to my Etsy Shop!
I am so excited! I love making goodies for you guys!

I did buy most of my teacher gifts! I just have to personalize them
So there's that....;)

I did make a burlap "Welcome" banner!
I will share that when I share my front porch and pots!

I did paint the American Flag Pallet!

Ella and I accomplished this goal last Saturday!

Excuse the need for more pine straw 
(that's coming this month)

I did start cleaning up the files on my computer!

I would say 6 out of the 9 goals for April is an accomplishment:) 

May Monthly Goals

My Goals this month are pretty simple

1. Finish April's goals

2. Enjoy all of Ian's 5th Grade Festivities 
which include a picnic, graduation, fun day, and final walk around the school
and by enjoy I mean not cry like a baby at every single event:)

3. Just make it to the end of the school year in one piece:)
Our May calendar is PACKED!
I just hope to make it to May 19th with just a little bit of sanity left 
because then my days will look like this.....

and this....

Then it is SUMMER BREAK!

Hope you guys have a great MONDAY!

What are your goals this month??

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Justine @ Full Hands Full Heart =) The American flag pallet that you painted is perfect! I have been wanting to make one of these, and I have it on my list to do!
    I checked out your Etsy shop and i'm sending you a message about a coffee mug!
    Have a great day!!! =)

    Johannah @ The Sirois Family