Friday Favorites

Oh Friday, I thought you would never get here:)

Just kidding....

We have had a great week!! 

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This week we celebrated our FAVORITE Teachers and Staff at school!

 I am the chairperson for the Teacher Appreciation Committee at the kids school!!

This is how we celebrated this week......

 Teachers, Faculty, and Staff
Because you lift us “UP”
Enjoy a week full of “UPS” on us!

Dress “up” in jeans
Wear your favorite jeans
 And you don’t even need a “jeans pass”

Snack “up” with yummy treats
Enjoy lots of yummy treats throughout the day in the Teachers Lounge!

Rest “up” at the beach or pool
Pick up some of your favorite items to soak up the sun this Summer!
Items will be in the teachers lounge!

Giddy “up” with a BBQ lunch!
Smokin’ Po Boys BBQ will be provided!

Wake “up” with Breakfast
Breakfast will be set up in the Teachers Lounge
 starting at 8:00am!

Showing appreciation to our school is one of my absolute FAVORITE things to do!!

They have really enjoyed their goodies this week!!

Monday, we went to support our FAVORITE Sheriff at a local forum! 

Tuesday, we went and watched our FAVORITE softball player!!


Wednesday, I worked on 'Oh My Glitter' orders and this is my FAVORITE color combo!!

Gold and Turquoise! :)

Thursday, Ben got the boat from storage! We are going out on the lake on 
Saturday for Mother's Day!! 
Being on the boat with my crew is one of my FAVORITE things to do:)

Hope you guys have a GREAT Weekend!! 

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommas!

xoxo, Heather 


  1. What a great week Heather! Happy Mothers Day and have so much fun on your boat this weekend!

  2. I will not be jealous of that boat, I will not be jealous of that boat.....I am totally jealous of that boat!! Happy Mother's Day Heather!!