Strawberry Pickin'

Hello Friends! 

Happy Thursday!!!

Today I wanted to share with you when the kids and I went Strawberry Pickin' 

We had a teacher workday on Monday, April 25th! 

The weather was gorgeous, so we headed to the Strawberry Patch! 

We generally go to Washington Farms in Watkinsville
but this go around we just headed to their smaller patch in Loganville!

You can visit their website here!

They have lots of activities at their Wakinsville Location!!

Strawberries are Ian and Ella's favorite fruit!!

Ian picked the first strawberry:)

I tried getting him to look at the camera!

She said "mom, look at this cute strawberry"

Just a pickin'

Strawberries as far as you can see:)

They were actually working together!
It was a MIRACLE ;)

Of course, Miss Priss posed for the camera!

Our bucket of yummy goodness!
This bucket lasted less than a week!
A bowl of strawberries is a favorite snack for my kiddos!

We had such a fun day together!!
Lots of memories made
Yummy strawberries to eat! 

I should have made a cake, cupcakes , or anything with the strawberries
But they didn't last that long!!

If you are local you should check them out!
If you want more activities besides picking strawberries, you would visit the Watkinsville Location!
Just looking to pick Strawberries, visit the Loganville Location!

Oh and if you just want fresh strawberries and don't have time to pick them! 
They will pick them for you and have them waiting on you!!!

Have a great day! 

hang tight- It's almost Friday!!

xoxo, Heather 

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