Tuesday Talk {Weekend Recap}

Oh how we love long weekends because it is an extra day we get to be together!! 

We had a great weekend!! Saturday and Sunday pretty much looked like this.....

It's so bright outside:)

We anchored near the golf course, so Ian could find golf balls! 

Just a floatin'

Not a care in the world

After we rode around for a while we went back to Ben's bosses dock so we could eat lunch and the kids could jump off the top of the dock! 

After talking herself into, she finally jumped and jumped and jumped some more 

My WHOLE World! Love these 3 to pieces! 

Ian LOVES to tube and the crazier Ben drives the better!! 

He will do all sorts of tricks when we he tubing..... dancing, "dabbing", trying to stand up, no hands, turn all the way around on the tube.....

Ella, on the other hand, likes a nice straight and smooth ride!! 

But then she lets her brother talk her into at least getting up on her knees! :)

They FINALLY let daddy take a break~! 

This was then Sunday on our way home! Lake Life is EXHAUSTING!! 

The only difference between Saturday night and Sunday night! Saturday night we went to Ben's parents for dinner and Sunday we were all in bed by 8:00! We were WORE OUT!! 

Monday morning, my guys hit the golf course and the girls hit the Pool! 

My View for most of Monday! 

They had activities set up for the kids during each adult swim....Ella was only interested in tug of war and musical chairs! 

We ended Monday night on the couch! I had a glass of wine and read on my Kindle!! 

We had a GREAT weekend! So thankful for the men and women who lost their lives fighting for our freedom!! 

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  1. Um. You basically had the best weekend ever!! So glad you guys had tons of fun and had such awesome weather!!

    1. Thank you Justine! It was a fabulous weekend with my favorite people!

  2. Your weekend seriously looks like it was so much fun!! Nothing better than a day at the lake!!

  3. I'm with Ella....no crazy tricks or waves for me. I do NOT like being thrown off a tube. I make that very clear to the driver every time I get on one. HAHA. Loved your weekend...sounds like the perfect Summer kickoff!

    1. I with both of y'all~ I prefer the tube you can sit down in!! :)
      Perfect kick off to summer:)