Show and Tell Tuesday {Favorite Vacation}

Hey  Ladies! 

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking up with Andrea for 
Show and Tell Tuesday!! 

Favorite Vacation Edition! 

Well this one was a hard one for me! Every year, Ben and I go on trips with his company...Well those are AMAZING and so relaxing because they are KID-FREE!
We went to Paris 3 years ago and I would have to say that was my FAVORITE Kid-Free trip!

Paris was not a yearly trip! The President of Ben's company offered us the trip since he and his wife had already been to Paris!! Between Paris and Monte Carlo we were there for 9 days, so that vacation post would be LONG:) and so will this one! ;)

I would have to say my FAVORITE Family Trip would have to be Disney!

The 4 of us headed to Disney for Fall Break 2014 and it just so happen to fall on Ella's 7th Birthday! 

I don't know if it was the kids ages or what but we had a MAGICAL Time ;)

Seeing the Castle the first time you walk into the park is AWESOME! 

We stayed at the French Quarters and headed to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party our first night! 

 Waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean 

 and then got stuck on the ride because of "rough waters"! We had to be evacuated from the ride but not before we snapped a picture! 

We rode Space Mountain! 
I think this picture is priceless! ;)
 and poor Ben got stuck with another family :(

The next day we headed back to the Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain

On the Aladdin ride with Ian  

Just wasting time in line;)

 In the Robinson's Family Tree

Buzz Light Year 

On the Tea Cups! I love this picture of her! 

Well you know this place is MAGICALLY when this happens....
I mean.....

Dinner at the Beast's Castle 

The next morning, we headed to Chef's Mickey's for breakfast! 
Which in my opinion you have to eat here while visiting:)
You get to see all the main characters!

Donald Duck

Sweet Minnie Mouse

Oh Goofy...

Mickey M-O-U-S-E! 

She got a cupcake for her birthday! 

We had this picture taken right when we walked into the restaurant! 

After Breakfast, we headed to Animal Kingdom

We love riding Mount Everest! 

I love the "ride" pictures ;)


Chip and Dale

Another Day we went to Hollywood Studios
Playing in Else's Ice Castle

Making a light sabor 

Rocking Roller Coaster



We went to Paris while we were at Disney ;)

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe! Another must in my opinion!

His new phone case- Grumpy! so fitting for my Ian Michael 

Friday, October 10- Ella's Birthday! 

We headed to the Magic Kingdom {again} for our last day! She had an appointment at the BBB to be transformed into "Else"

Her outfit was waiting for her in her dressing room 

The transformation has begun! 

Seeing herself after her transformation 

Part of her package was a photo shoot! She hated it...NOT 

Then we headed to lunch at Cinderella's Castle!

She received a special dessert for her birthday!! 

We had this picture taking as we were leaving the park...

Bye Mickey! We love you! Until next time.......

We had such an amazing trip!! 

We are headed to Universal Studios this coming up Fall Break and I have such high hopes!!

Thank you guys for baring with me and all the pictures!

It was a trip to Disney, so of course it was picture overload!!

I can't wait to read all about your favorite vacations!! photo signature _zpsu7o6bz0x.png


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney - I love Everest, Chef Mickey's, Hollywood Studios - LOVE it all!! I can't wait to go back...after we save some pennies!

    1. We Love Disney too! Ella and I tried to figure out how we could move into the castle the last time we were there;)

  2. Such fun vacations!! We have never been to Disney and I am trying to convince my husband what magical time it is!! All he sees are the dollar signs! Ha!

    1. Disney is a GREAT trip, but a pricey one!! When you get ready to head to see the Mouse, let me know and I can give you some tips!! I have planned several Disney trips for friends and family:)

  3. LOOOOVE Disney! Your kids were the perfect age to enjoy it and soak in all the Disney magic! I have no shame in admitting I'm pretty jealous of your annual trip just you and the hubs...what a great get-aways!

    1. Oh the annual trips are amazing! It's generally with around 16 other couples from his office for their President's Trips and always to a tropical November we are headed to Mexico! I'm so excited!! Thank you!!