Back to School

The kids have been back in school for one week today! I can't believe it! So today I thought I would share a few of our BACK TO SCHOOL Must Haves!! 

We try to make a big deal out of going back to school shopping around here! We always hate to see our summer come to an end so we have to do something to get us excited for the new school year!!

Here is a list of our MUST HAVES for Back to School
(in no particular order)

1. New school supplies.
oh, man was the middle school list LONG! 
and of course, Ella's has to be monogrammed! 
The kids enjoy starting the new school year with fresh pencils, markers, crayons, notebooks, etc. 
But hey, new school supplies are my favorite too! 

2. New Clothes and Shoes. 
This year we hit up Old Navy for most of Ella's clothes 

and Dick's Sporting Goods for most of Ian's 

3. Homework Station.
I like to create a clean, clutter free work space with plenty of supplies with as few distractions, as possible.  

4. Book Bag Area. 
I also like to have an area where both the kids have a place to keep their book bags, shoes, and jackets. My mother in law and I made this #shiplap area last year. 

5. After School Routine. 
During the summer, we have no schedule, no routine so when school starts back it takes us a few days to get into a "groove" but I think we are finally finding our routine. 
When the kids get home, they put up their book bags and shoes
They get a snack. 
They play inside or outside with friends, watch TV, etc
Around 6:30, we eat dinner. 
After dinner, they take showers, do homework, read, make lunches, snacks, pick out clothes for the next day, etc.
At 8:30, they are in the bed and lights out at 9:00

6. Lunch Boxes.
Ian eats lunch at school every day. I guess in 7th grade it's not cool to pack your lunch. HA 
However, most days Ella takes her lunch. 

We love both of these containers for her lunches. 

7. Morning Routine.
I think it is important to have an established routine during different times of the day. Ian is one that jumps out of bed and ready to get his day started. 
However, with Ella mornings are a NIGHTMARE. So it is so important that I make her do the same thing every morning. It also helps that she sets her alarm. 
She likes to come downstairs and eat breakfast before she gets ready and that is fine because she knows at 7:30 she has to go back upstairs and get ready. 
We started this year, that if she fights me in the morning to get ready she goes to bed 10 minutes earlier that night. So far it has worked! HA 

Have you started back to school yet? Or do you have a few more weeks of Summer left? What advice do you have to make the transition smoother? I'm ALL ears!! 

Erin from Perfectly Port
(but I only have 7..eek) 

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