Summer Bucket List Update

Sorry for my absence yesterday, I had a post planned but then Monday happened and a post just didn't get written. So SORRY! I thought today I would update our Summer Bucket List. 


1. Go to the pool as much as possible.

We tried to go at least once a week and most weeks we did just that! 

2. Go out on the boat as much as possible.

Yes! We love our boat and went every chance we got! 

3. Host a 4th of July Party.

We had a great 4th of July weekend! 

✗4. Host a Descendants 2 "viewing" party.
NOPE, we didn't to go to the lake with The Boswell's the night it premiered. 

5. Have a jammie day. 

The kids were at my sister's and I stayed in my pj's and watched movies ALL DAY! It was AWESOME! 

6. Go Antique shopping with Grammy.

We hit our FAVORITE antique shops in Athens.

7. Spend the day with my sister.

8. Go to Dollywood.  
We did and I didn't take one picture:( 

9. Late night run to DQ to get ice cream.

It wasn't late night but it was late evening. 

✗10. Make homemade popsicles and ice cream. 
NOPE. and I have no idea why:( 

11. Attend Art Camp. {Ella} 

She HAD so much FUN! 

12. Play as much golf as possible. {Ben & Ian}

Ian and Granddaddy played about twice a week! He even won a few tournaments.

13. Attend/volunteer at VBS.  Yep! And I don't have a picture to prove it! :( 

14. Read 9 books. {Me}  

I read 11 books in May, June, and July. To see what I have been reading check here! 

✗15. Have a movie night on the big screen outside.
NOPE! Hopefully, this fall. 

16. Host a sleepover. 

Ava LOVES Trixie! 

17. Lunch with Grandma. Yep, but no pictures :( 

18. Lunch with Ben.  Yep, but no pictures :( 

✗19. Attend a Braves game at the new stadium.
NO, Hopefully, next season. 

20. Visit grandparents. 

YES!! We visit them every chance we get! 

21. Catch lightening bugs.- 
Yes, but no pictures. oops! 

✗22. Go to a Farmers Market. 
Nope and this is the one I was really hoping to do! 

23. Go to Six Flags. Ella went with her friend, Madelyn! 

24. Make smoothies. 

I enjoyed LOTS of Cafe Latte smoothies and Ella made "ice" smoothies! 

25. Eat dinner outside. 

We had a "deck date night" and had a cheese tray for dinner! 

✗27. Visit Yonah Mountain Vineyards again. No, hopefully, this Fall! 

28. Two date nights for Ben and I.

Well, kinda of,  We had one date night to see Luke Combs, Tyler Farr, and Brantley Gilbert!! We are going on an ADULT lake trip this weekend! :) 

29. Attend Project Scratch. {Ian} 
YES!! and he graduated that level of the program and starts again in September! 

✗30. Go to a movie with friends.
Nope! Maybe so!  

We didn't check off 7 items off our list! I would say 23 out of 30 isn't so bad! 

Did you have a Summer Bucket List? What did you complete??

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