Monthly Goals

WOW! August came really quickly! I can't believe we are over half way through 2017! CRAZY! Y'all know I love to share my monthly goals because I feel like y'all help keep me accountable!! 

But like usual, let me review July! 


✔1. Enjoy boat as much as possible. 

We spent 4th of July on the water and we enjoyed a fantastic lake weekend with our dear friends, The Boswell's. 

 ✔2. Go to the pool as much as possible.

I would say that we ventured more to the lake this past month but The Pepper's did join us one day at the pool! And we went to the water park with Talia and the boys and that's like one big ole pool.

3. Go to the Lake house with The Boswell's

You can read all about our amazing weekend here.

 ✔4. Host a 4th of July party.

Check out all our red, white, and blue here

✔5. Lunch with Grandma Deb. (my mom) 

We sure did and I forgot to take a picture! 😥

6. Lunch with Daddy.

Again, No picture😡

✔7. Attend Open House 😒

YES! The kids LOVE their new teachers! 

✔8. Back to school shop 😤😭

Yep and spent a small fortune! 

✔9. Add new items to Etsy Shop.

Yes! Look at these new cuties! 

✔10. Enjoy our last month of summer break. 
We sure did! But we are all ready for a routine! 

Now let's move onto August! 


  1. Wear apple watch everyday to track steps! 
  2. Focus on eating clean
  3. Implement what I learned in my GSD class

  1. Establish an after school routine
  2. Plan Fall Break
  3. Take evening walks

Etsy Shop
  1. Create new Fall and Halloween items
  2. Add 3-5 new items to the Shop
  3. Schedule IG post for new items

  1. Cut down to 4 days a week 
  2. Get a few post ahead 
  3. work on graphics for each post

As you can see I posted my goals a little differently this month, I categorized them. That is one thing I learned in my GSD class from Missy! 
 I also wanted to mention that I am cutting back blogging to 4 days a week. This will be my last Thursday post for a while! Thank you guys so much for understanding! 

Do you set goals? What do you hope to accomplish this month? How do you keep yourself accountable?

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