Friday Favorites

Yipee, We made it through our first 3 days of school! Man, why is getting back into a routine SO HARD??  We have plans to do a whole LOT of nothing tonight!! 

Well, anyhoo, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES this week!! 

I love you gifts! You know you have the BEST bestie when she drops off an "I LOVE you" gift!! 

Thank you, Stephanie!! You know me SO WELL! 

Back to school! If we must go back to school, then we MUST do it looking "cool"

Ian's EXACT words...."Fine, Mom, you can take my picture but I'm standing right here and I am not smiling" 
Oh, how blackmail will be my FAVORITE one day!! 😂😂

However, Miss. Priss, "cheesed" it up for the camera! 

4th grade, here she comes!! 

Ella has declared 4th grade to be her FAVORITE grade and her new FAVORITE Teacher~ 

2 of her FAVORITE friends!

We gave Ella's teacher monogrammed sharpies as a "back to school" gift! 

I bought a package of 12 Sharpies and used these mini monograms to "fancy" them up! 

Going bowling with one of your besties as your "last blast of SUMMER"

Meal prepping!! We did a lot of meal prepping on Tuesday night to prepare for back to school! Ella wanted "pigs in a blanket" in her lunch box!! Meal prepping really needs to become my FAVORITE thing to do because it has been really nice this week having everything chopped, cooked, and cleaned! 

Mud Pie! I LOVE mud pie items!! Look at this cute spoon and spoon rest for my coffee in the morning!! We all know COFFEE is my FAVORITE first thing in the mornings! 

Y'all know my pups are my FAVORITE!! 

Trixie has been so lost during the day without Ian and Ella home to play with!! I mean just look at this sad face! 

Duke LOVES to snuggle with his mama! 

Duke's FAVORITE spot in the house to lay! He loves watching for his FAVORITE people to get home!! 

Trust me...Do yourself a favor and order yourself or your 10 closest friends one of my NEW Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers!! They are PERFECT for any occasion! Perfect for any gift!! 

Here are a few designs that I have added to the ETSY SHOP! But you can design your own! Just convo me through Etsy! 

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Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!! 

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