Go Dawgs Y'all

Happy Tuesday Y'all!! If you have been reading the blog for any length of time then you know that we yell "GO DAWGS" around here! I have also admitted that I understand very little about football but I can throw one heck of a party! So today I thought I would share the essentials for a "Bulldawg Bash" or aka football party...

We host our annual Bulldawg Bash every year for the first game of the season. I work myself into a frenzy the week leading up to the party (which is this week and yes I am currently in a frenzy) But it all works out and everyone has a GREAT time! 
So here are my favorite essentials for a FOOTBALL PARTY! 

Decorations: I love this banner, how stinking cute is this wreath? I try to make as many as possible of my decorations!  However, these tassels are too CUTE! But let's look at this wooden state of GA! 

Clothing: You can't have a Bulldawg Bash without the appropriate clothing. I love this shirt for myself! How precious is this one for Ella? I love this one for Ian!  Ben LOVES getting the new coaches shirt! 

Paper Goods: This set from Sam's Club is just perfect! 

FOOD: Food is the most important part of the Bulldawg Bash! HA Ben is planning to smoke pork tenderloins and wings! I found this recipe for wings! It looks heavenly! 

Drinkware: Y'all I just couldn't help myself, of course, I had to include glitter drinkware! You can purchase this drinkware from my shop! 

What do you need for your football party? Are you even a football fan?  

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